Encrypgen Introduces Updated Website and Whitepaper as ICO Proceeds

Encrypgen, the company behind the revolutionary blockchain-based platform for genomic data storage and management — Gene Chain has announced few developments as the company proceeds with the ICO.

The company has announced the launch of an updated website along with the release of the latest version of the whitepaper. The most recent whitepaper offers a brief explanation of the developments in genomics research, since the successful completion of the Human Genome Project.

These developments have resulted in making genome sequencing much faster, cheaper and easily accessible, which has also accelerated the pace of research and development in the segment.

The ease of access has also led to an increase in the number of people having their genomes sequenced, either for personal, diagnostic or research purposes. It has, in turn, raised questions about data security. Encrypgen is working on addressing these concerns with Gene-Chain, a blockchain based solution powered by Gene-Chain Coin. Gene-Chain allows laboratories, research centers and other facilities to store and manage genomic data in a secure and transparent infrastructure. In addition, the distributed ledger based solution will also provide individuals with more control over their genomic data, allowing them to decide whom to give access and to track how the data is being used.

Gene-Chain is designed to be compatible with existing data management systems, which makes adoption much easier. As the Encrypgen team is working on further developing the platform, the company has organized an ICO to raise the required funds. The ICO that started last month has already raised 443 BTCs and has another 11 days left for completion. The platform is expected to reach the maximum funding limit of 1000 BTC by then.

Those taking part in the ICO can buy Gene-Chain Coin with BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, and ETC. The new website provides more comprehensive information about the ICO and team members behind the platform.

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