Valores de Australia Watchdog Airs Las preocupaciones sobre Overseas OIC

Australia’s securities watchdog has revealed plans to extend existing guidelines for initial coin offerings (OIC).

In a speech at a fintech event in Sydney on Thursday, John Price, a commissioner of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), told the audience to expect updates that will focus overseas ICO fundraising projects targeting the country’s investors.

We will highlight that Australian corporate and consumer law might applyeven if an ICO is created and offered from overseas. This is an important point given the international nature of this sector,” Price said during the event.

The remarks stem from concerns over the current perception that ICOs can bypass the regulator’s oversight by registering overseas.

“No puedo hacer suficiente hincapié en que si usted está haciendo negocios aquí y vender algo a los australianos – incluyendo la emisión de valores o fichas a los consumidores australianos – nuestras leyes aquí se pueden aplicar,” Price dijo.

ASIC first issued formal guidance for ICOs in September 2017, seeking to define the circumstances in which tokens should be treated as financial products and hence regulated by Australia’s Corporate Act 2001.

Price dijo, sin embargo, that the regulator still has concerns over the emerging space’s low threshold for immature businesses to enter, which drives acertain level of opportunism.

The commissioner stated:

The stories that come out about these businesses are, and will continue to have, a negative impact on investor confidence over time.

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