Financial services company Capital International invested more than half a billion dollars into business intelligence firm MicroStrategy stock.

In MicroStrategy’s filings to the U.S. Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, o SEC, for the second quarter of 2021, the firm disclosed Capital International Investors has purchased 953,242 shares of its stock. Following the release of the SEC filing, MicroStrategy’s stock price rose by more than 1.5% to reach $628.44 en el momento de la publicación, making Capital International’s shares worth roughly $600 millón.

Capital International’s Q1 2021 filing with the SEC reportedly showed the firm did not own any shares of MicroStrategy as of March 31.

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MicroStrategy, the company which first announced last year it would be purchasing more than $250 millones en Bitcoin (BTC), has gone on to acquire 105,085 BTC, mas que $3.5 mil millones en el momento de la publicación. Despite the news of a major investment into a company with massive crypto holdings, the price of BTC was seemingly unaffected. Bitcoin has risen 2% en el último 24 hours to reach $33,438.

El mes pasado, the firm announced it intended to “aumentar $400 million aggregate principal amount of senior secured notes in private offeringto purchase more Bitcoin. Though MicroStrategy later increased the debt offering to $500 million and bought roughly $489 million in the crypto asset, its stock price briefly fell by more than 2%.