Mercados Crypto ligera recuperación, Etereum, Ver Tezos mayores ganancias

sábado, septiembre 15: crypto markets are undergoing a slight recovery after yesterday’s decline, con 17 of the 20 top cryptocurrencies by market cap in the green, de acuerdo con datos CoinMarketCap.

Market visualization

la visualización del mercado Coin360

After dropping below the $6,500 price point yesterday, Bitcoin (BTC) has challenged the mark again, going up by 1.6 por ciento durante el pasado 24 horas, para negociarse a $6,533 al cierre de esta edición.

Bitcoin price

gráfico de precios Bitcoin. Fuente: Cointelegraph Índice de Precios Bitcoin

Etereum (ETH) is currently seeing some of the largest gains among the top 20 cryptocurrencies por capitalización de mercado. The major altcoin is trading at $223, up 6.7 percent in 24 horas al cierre de esta edición. Ethereum is also up 5.3 percent on the week, after having dropped to as low as $169 en septiembre 12.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price chart. Fuente: Cointelegraph Índice de Precios Etereum

The total market cap continues hovering around the $200 marca de mil millones, Actualmente en $204 mil millones.

Total market capitalization

Total diagrama de capitalización de mercado. Fuente: Coinmarketcap

Following the recent announcement of the upcoming Tezos (XTZ) mainnet launch slated on Monday, septiembre 17, it has seen the largest gains among the top 20 coins on the day. XTZ is trading at $1.68 al cierre de esta edición, up 26.4 por ciento durante el pasado 24 horas.

litecoin (LTC) y Monero (XMR) have also seen considerable gains since yesterday. Litecoin is up 5.2 por ciento, negociación en $57 al cierre de esta edición, according to Cointelegraph’s price index. The privacy-focused Monero, currently ranked ninth by market cap, depende 5.8 percent and is trading at almost $120 as of press time.

dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the few cryptocurrencies that have seen some losses on the day. The altcoin is down 0.6 ciento y el comercio en $0.006148 al cierre de esta edición, but is still up 8 por ciento durante el pasado 7 dias.

Ayer, Silicon Valley venture capitalist and well-known Bitcoin evangelist Tim Draper predicted that the combined cryptocurrency market cap will hit $80 trillion in the next 15 años, citing the variety of markets that will be transformed by the cryptocurrency industry.

The most recent wave of green comes after CEO of Galaxy Digital Capital Management Mike Novogratz called a price bottom on the crypto markets.

Ayer, los Estados Unidos. stock brokerage company EF Hutton said that they are planning to issue $60 million in various crypto instruments by January 2019, following the confirmation that the company will also be a sponsor of the upcoming U.S. crypto exchange ACEx.

On September 13, Bloomberg cited anonymous sources as saying that the U.S. banking giant Morgan Stanley is planning to offer Bitcoin swaps, enabling its clients to trade derivatives without holding the actual cryptocurrency.

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