Última oportunidad de participar en la venta de emergencia de HydroMiner sacar provecho de Minería Verde

HydroMiner ICO ends on a high note

Austrian advocate for eco-friendly crypto mining HydroMiner will finish on November 15th, a 12.00 Vienna local time. It is already clear that HydroMiner is the most successful ICO from Austria so far.

Picking up where it left off in a blazingly quick presale sell out on 25 September that raised 1,500 ETH in 36 minutos, the HydroMiner public ICO witnessed an even more spectacular opening day on 18 octubre. Within moments of being available, hundreds of participants snapped up H2O tokens to raise a record 1,874 ETH in just half an hour.

Hasta hoy, HydroMiner has raised over 8,000 Ether from 3,600 Participantes.

So this is the last chance to participate in the token sale and profit from the green mining made in Austria. Contributors still get a 5% prima, even if they come to HydroMiner in the last minute. You have to whitelist your email address and Ethereum wallet here to join the token sale.

About HydroMiner, the green cryptocurrency mining start-up

HydroMiner started life little over a year ago as a modest mining rig run by sisters Nadine and Nicole Damblon in their own apartments in Austria. It has since grown into a professional-scale mining operation powered by carbon-neutral hydro-power stations in the Austrian Alps.

It was here that they hit upon the idea of solving the unsustainability of an increasingly power-hungry mining industry thanks to exponentially increasing difficulty. Austria leads the world in renewable energy, generating the most renewable energy among EU countries. Actualmente, encima 670 run-of-river power plants and 1,800 small-scale hydro power stations generate more than 60% of Austria’s electricity.

Hydro power is not only cheaper, it results in more savings when used as part of a flowing river water-based cooling system. It also has a carbon footprint 100 times smaller than that of conventional fossil fuel.

The HydroMiner ICO

The HydroMiner token sale raises funds to finance an expansion of mining capacity through the rental of more hydro power stations. Its tokenized model will also allow investors to participate in an industry-first initiative in eco-friendly crypto mining.

HydroMiner’s H2O tokens are vouchers that can be exchanged into mining time starting in February 2018. One H2O gives you access to 5kwH of mining output over 24 meses, ensuring long term profitability.

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