Por qué las carteras de hardware podrían no ofrecer tanta protección como cree, explicado

The issues facing hardware wallets are not exclusive to the crypto sector by any means.

Across multiple sectors around the world, there are a number of industries that have critical systems. They face the same challenge: Remaining up to date and fortified against attacks from the people who are trying to infiltrate.

Every government runs critical systemsalongside the military, hospitals, space agencies, nuclear plants, airports, chemical plants, unmanned train networks, banks and stock brokers.

The ramifications if these critical systems are compromised can be severe. Lives can be put at risk if key systems within a hospital are at risk, or if hackers successfully manage to target air traffic control at a major transport hub. In an increasingly digital world, millions of people can be affected by a single malicious actor pressing Enter.

The number of high-profile incidents is continually rising. A principios de este año, thousands of businesses were affected when the systems of Kaseya were compromised. Supermarkets in Sweden were forced to close because their tills stopped working, while trains ground to a halt.

ZeconDual is positioning itself as the answer for critical systems that need to achieve 100% resilience to cyberattacks.

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