Fake Craig Wright Twitter Account has Been Suspended all of a Sudden

It looks like we have another interesting plot twist in the world of Bitcoin. A fake Twitter account claiming to be Craig Wright has been officially suspended by the social media company. Many people are confused about this, even though it isn’t his real account. It is unclear why the @realcraigwright handle is suspended from the platform, thought. The impersonation of a verified individual may have something to do with it.

Big was people’s surprise when the @realcragiwright Twitter account was suspended all of a sudden. To this day, many people believe the account belongs to Craig Wright. This man still claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, yet has failed to provide any evidence thus far. The Twitter account in question always tweets about Bitcoin as well, but it is not his real account. Instead, that account can be found here.

Curtain Call for Fake Craig Wright Twitter Account

It doesn’t happen often such fake accounts are suspended from Twitter it is unclear what lead to this decision in the first place. Given the vast amount of followers this fake account has, it is likely someone reported it. Impersonating  a known individual is never  a good idea. Even though some tweets are posted as a jest, uneducated individuals would certainly consider it to be the real Craig Wright.

Although many people remain unconvinced Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, creating a fake social media account is something else entirely. While no harmful comments were made by this account, Twitter needs to take strong action against such operations. It is unclear if the account will ever come back or not, though. Suspensions of such accounts can last days, if not weeks or months. In most cases, the problem can be solved by proving the user is who they claim to be, but that will be pretty difficult in this case.

All things considered, this suspension will not affect Bitcoin in any way. People who want to follow Craig Wright need to keep an eye on his official Twitter profile. It is possible the fake account will return in the future, though. Never take anything coming from that person seriously by any means. Rest assured this incident will cause a fair bit of confusion for the foreseeable future.

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Source: Newsbtc