Finnish Bitcoin Broker Prasos Looking to Further Expand in Europe

Ashour Iesho · November 23, 2017 · 10:45 pm

Bitcoin is steadily gaining traction in the finance and investment world and the Finnish Bitcoin broker Prasos is looking to expand into the European market. 

The Bitcoin Expansion in Europe

The Bitcoin Expansion in Europe

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have rapidly expanded in the American and Asian investment markets. This week,  the total cryptocurrency market valuation managed to climb over $250 billion. Many analysts believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will further grow in the upcoming months.

A recent article by Capitalreported that the Finnish Bitcoin broker, Prasos, is seeking further funding in order to expand its operations in the European market. Prasos has already started a public funding round, and it’s looking to grow its revenue by up to $16 million in the upcoming 3 years. The CEO and Co-founder of Prasos, Henry Brade, stated following in the report:

The company is currently highly profitable, but as the sector is growing rapidly, we need to invest in the international expansion with larger stakes

He further added:

Our current shareholders have received the new round very positively and we have received new private and professional investors from Finland and from abroad. We also want to further develop our investment services to regular investors that want to diversify their investment portfolios into cryptocurrencies

It’s worth noting that the company has already managed to raise 35% of its minimum funding target.

Making Cryptocurrencies a Mainstream Investment

Making Cryptocurrencies a Mainstream Investment

Most experts believe that it is important to make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investments easier to access for investors that aren’t very familiar with the technology. Prasos’s mains goal is to make cryptocurrency investments easy and convenient for people that want to invest in the digital currency world. Henry Brade stated in the article:

Prasos is focusing the resources on making the investment procedure as easy and convenient as possible for the investors and aim to achieve this goal by further developing its Coinmotion investment platform and by concurrently establishing commercial partnerships with traditional companies providing investment services.

Analysts believe the Bitcoin futures, like the one which CME is realizing in the next quarter, may also make it easy for stock trades to invest in the decentralized cryptocurrency.

Do you think that Prasos will be able to further expand in the European market? Will they be able to offer an easy and fast way for people to invest in cryptocurrencies? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, Prasos

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