Bitcoin saute 10% Dans 24 Heures, Rebond de chat mort ou mouvement réel?

Bitcoin has jumped more than 10% à la fin 24 hours as the coin’s price reaches $47.5k. Past pattern may shed light on whether this is just a dead cat bounce or a lead up to a real move up.

Bitcoin Netflows Of Past Dead Cat Bounces Compared

Comme l'a souligné un article de CryptoQuant, a look at the BTC netflows of the past cycles may reveal the pattern that dead cat bounces have followed historically.

The Bitcoin exchange “netflow” is an indicator that’s defined as the difference between the inflow and the outflow.

When exchanges observe higher inflows compared to the outflows, their reserves gain a net amount of BTC and the netflow shows positive values.

D'autre part, higher outflows lead to a net amount of Bitcoin leaving exchanges, and so the netflow takes negative values.

Sustained negative values of the indicator have usually been bullish for the price of the coin as they imply that there is a buying pressure in the market while positive values can be bearish.

Maintenant, voici comment le 2018 dead cat bounce looked like with the netflows:

Bitcoin 2018

The Bitcoin netflows during 2018

As you can see in the above graph, the indicator showed highly positive values during the formation of the dead cat bounce in 2018.

Below is another chart, this time for the year 2019:

Bitcoin 2019 dead cat

The dead cat bounce of 2019

Similarly to the other chart, here too the move up ended up as a dead cat bounce as Bitcoin inflows dominated on exchanges.

toutefois, as soon as the netflows started decreasing and eventually turned negative, the price saw a sharp increase.

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Maintenant, here is a chart of what happened in 2017:

Bitcoin 2017 Dead Cat

Prix ​​du Bitcoin en 2017 vs the netflows

Here when the peak happened, the netflows were also highly positive and so the price fell. But the inflows also sharply dropped off soon after and what followed was a big price move up.

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finalement, how do the 2021 netflows look like?

Bitcoin 2021

Bitcoin netflows right now

The peak that formed after the ATH this year was indeed a dead cat bounce as the highly positive netflows confirm. toutefois, it’s different this time.

The netflows look to be severely negative now. With these values, it looks more likely that the trend will be similar to 2017 where negative netflows took the price up.

Au moment de la rédaction, Bitcoin’s price floats around $47.5k, haut 15% in the last seven days. Here is a chart showing the trend in the price of the coin over the last five days:

Tableau des prix du Bitcoin

BTC's price surges up | La source: BTCUSD sur TradingView
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