Bitcoin Prix Analyse technique 04/26/2018 - Un autre modèle de renversement dans les travaux?

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price is correcting from its recent climb but might be on track to form a larger reversal pattern.
  • A bounce off the area of interest could lead to the formation of an inverse head and shoulders.
  • Technical indicators are reflecting the presence of bullish pressure.

Bitcoin price looks ready to form an inverse head and shoulders pattern if it completes this correction.

Technical Indicators Signals

le 100 SMA a franchi le long terme 200 SMA pour indiquer que le chemin de moindre résistance est à la hausse. Cela signifie que la tendance haussière est plus susceptible de reprendre que d'inverser.

These moving averages could also serve as dynamic inflection points near the Fib levels. En particulier, la 100 SMA is near the 50% fib à $8083.3 while the 200 SMA coincides with the 61.8% fib à $7702.8. If this holds as support, bitcoin price could bounce up to the swing high at $9695.7 which might be the neckline of the reversal formation.

Stochastic is also indicating oversold conditions to show that selling pressure is exhausted and that buyers could return soon. A shallow pullback could last until the 38.2% fib à $8463.8.

Le modèle de tableau travées $6000 à $9700 de sorte que le rallye résultant pourrait être de la même hauteur. A break below the Fibs, toutefois, could indicate that longer-term selling pressure is still present.

Market Factors

The US dollar extended its gains across the board as US bond yields continued to rise. Next week’s FOMC decision and NFP report, particularly expectations for these top-tier events, could drive dollar movements for the next few days.

pendant ce temps, sentiment in the cryptocurrency remains positive but it’s also understandable that investors are being cautious. Price is testing key areas of interest that could serve as take-profit points, spurring a much-needed pullback from the latest rally.

Keep in mind that the 17 millionth bitcoin is about to be mined, which marks another milestone for the cryptocurrency as only 21 million bitcoins can ever be created.

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La source: Newsbtc