Ramenez le Bacoin? Campagne Crypto Oscar Mayer fait ses débuts

It may sound like baloney, but American meat maker Oscar Mayer has entered the cryptocurrency space – sorte de.

The company announced on Monday the unveiling ofBacoin,” which it is callingthe first-ever cryptocurrency backed by the gold standard of Oscar Mayer Bacon.

With the initiative, Oscar Mayer is offering bacoins as a kind of online incentive to get users promoting the brand’s meat products on social media and email. Through the company’s official website, usersminebacoins that become worth moredenominated by slices of baconas consumer awareness is increased. Accompanying the campaign is a new commercial pitching the bacoin.

Bacoins can then be cashed out by customers for real packs of bacon, according to the company. As of press time, the value of a single bacoin is worth three slices of the company’s bacon, according to its official price tracker.

Oscar Mayer is the gold standard of bacon because of our dedication to hand-selecting the best cuts and then naturally sugar curing and naturally hardwood smoking our bacon,” the company’s brand manager, Matt Riezman said in a statement.

With the move, the 130-year-old Oscar Mayer becomes the latest food company to jump on the cryptocurrency branding bandwagon. Retour en Janvier, KFC Canada launched a bitcoin-themed promotion that saw it selling a so-calledBitcoin Bucketto select customers.

Image via YouTube/Oscar Mayer

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