LEGO pourrait-il sauter dans le train NFT?

The LEGO Group, a toy manufacturer best known for its popular interlocking plastic bricks, hinted it may be getting into the latest craze in the crypto space.

Mercredi, the official LEGO Twitter account posted (and then quickly deleted) a message referencing non-fungible tokens, ou NFT, along with a short video clip. The tweet, which readzeros and ones but still a brickalong with the NFT hashtag could imply that the famous toy manufacturer is considering entering the crypto space once again.

The 14-second video, though not directly connected to NFTs, shows a 3D LEGO brick rotating in space with glitches popping up around the block. YouTuber Ashnflash, who posts LEGO-themed content, speculated that the tweet could be a teaser for adigital LEGO currency.

Though the tweet has since been deleted, it seems many LEGO enthusiasts are less likely to get into the NFT space based on their initial reactions to the company’s announcement. Some cited environmental concerns, claiming the company getting into NFTs wasbad for the planetgiven the toy manufacturer’s mission statement it isbalanced by renewable energy.

Amid the boom in NFTs, the technology has come under fire for its environmental impact due to the computational power required. toutefois, as the industry develops alternatives for NFT minting that use a fraction of the necessary power, like Eth2, these concerns are likely carry less weight.

Though the official LEGO manufacturer may not be releasing any NFTs right away, crypto users can find artwork of similar plastic bricks in online marketplaces. Par exemple, OpenSea’s digital marketplace currently features a toy block figure of Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg.

Cointelegraph reached out to The LEGO Group for comment, mais n'a pas reçu de réponse au moment de la publication.

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La source: Cointelegraph