FintruX Coin (FTX), L'un des plus populaires de ICOs 2018, Coté sur HitBTC Gets · avril 29, 2018 · 2:30 pm

HitBTC has just listed FintruX (FTX) on Saturday, avril 28. Potential investors who missed their ICO will now be able to buy the tokens on the exchange.

Supported trading pairs include FTX/BTC and FTX/ETH.

You can now trade FintruX (FTX) on HitBTC exchange.

Information About FintruX

FintruX is a revolutionary new lending platform that incorporates blockchain to provide a fast and safe way of obtaining an affordable unsecured loan. By creating a decentralized platform where lenders can be matched, utilizing existing technology, with borrowers in a transparent manner that guarantees security for both parties.

FintruX aims to disrupt the way in which loans are originated and administered.

Unsecured loans, a loan that is not protected by any asset, are typically an expensive way to borrow money, however many are left without a choice and must resort to paying these higher interest fees. FintruX utilizes blockchain and smart contracts to execute transactions without middlemen, therefore reducing the fees, which can result in lower interest.

FintruX Coin (FTX) Site officiel:

FintruX Coin (FTX) Papier blanc: click here

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency investments are high risk by nature. Please conduct your own research before investing your personal funds.

Images courtesy of FintruX

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