Fun Bitcoin Statistic: BTC Was Worth US$1 for Every day it Existed so far

This is a very exciting day for Bitcoin users all over the world, that much is evident. Some users have come across one exciting statistic most people wouldn’t have noticed. More specifically, the Bitcoin price earlier today represented a significant value. At that time, Bitcoin was worth US$1 for every day it existed. Bitcoin exists for 3,136 days today, and it hit US$3,126 on exchanges a few hours ago.

It is evident Bitcoin users will often look for correlations that aren’t necessarily there. More specifically, it is always interesting to find connections which may not mean anything. That is also part of the reason what makes Bitcoins so exciting at times. Earlier today, the Bitcoin price hit an all-time high. That in itself is quite spectacular, but the exact price has even more people excited. When one BTC was worth US$3,136, the currency was effectively worth US$1 for every day it existed.

A fun but Useless Bitcoin Price Statistic

That is quite an interesting statistic, to say the leak. Bitcoin was created on January 1st, 2009. Fast forward to today, and that is exactly 3,136 days ago. It is hard to fathom this popular cryptocurrency has been around for so long. It only seems like yesterday most of us found out about it back in late 2010. A lot has changed since that time, that much is evident. Perhaps the biggest change comes in the form of the Bitcoin price, which has grown by leaps and bounds recently.

Most users question the excitement regarding these coincidental numbers. Bitcoin being worth US$1 for every day it existed means nothing to most everyday consumers. Nor should it really, as it doesn’t add any value to Bitcoin. It is one of those intriguing coincidences which only occur every so often. Moreover, it gives something to think about for the people who have been involved in cryptocurrency for over five years now. It is certainly true very few other currencies can boast similar statistics these days.

One Reddit user points out how one US Dollar hasn’t worth that exact value since Bitcoin was created. We are talking about the dollar constantly losing purchasing power. for those who are unaware. It is certainly true fiat currencies lose purchasing power every single day. Bitcoin ,on the other hand, has seen its purchasing power increase rapidly. An interesting turn of events when looking at the big picture, that much is evident. Statistics can be quite fun, even though they are often meaningless.

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