FundYourselfNow Platform is officially launched for Project creators and Backers

FundYourselfNow – the first cryptocurrency and crowdfunding platform in South East Asia has officially soft launched its platform today and is now open for Crowd Sale and Backing of projects featured on its platform.

To get started, FundYourselfNow(FYN) has designed a Community Marketing Program to help Project creators share their projects with FYN community. Creators will airdrop a set number of tokens (typically 5%-10% of the tokens sold) to all FYN verified users who own FYN tokens, with the intention to incentivise FYN token holders for participating and backing their projects.

Along with this, FYN also has an ongoing Referral Program, where candidates can refer their contacts to sign up on the FYN Platform. Once the contacts are KYC verified, the referees will get 1 FYN token for each KYC verified Referral. Join FYN Community to ask questions on Referral Program and Community Marketing Program.

The Projects featured on the platform are selected by thorough discussion with the Project team, understanding their token model, verifying their background and examining if the project is genuine and honest. These Projects can either be a token based or normal ones which are seeking funds for their Project ideas.

The First Project on FYN Platform – WandX

FundYourselfNow already has its first project on the platform. WandX is one of the first companies out of the Silicon Valley of India that is transforming cryptocurrency trading through its application on the Ethereum blockchain. WandX enables users to create, trade, and settle any portfolio of Tokens issued on Ethereum through smart contracts. By providing a decentralized trading platform, WandX is different from the other decentralized platforms in that it enables users to create and trade in portfolios of ERC20 Tokens. Users could potentially create a portfolio of “decentralized storage” application Tokens, and trade the entire basket of Tokens in a single transaction.

Read more about WandX

Current Platform Features

Project creators can now create their projects on the Platform by first sending an email to the FundYourselfNow team for the Project Review. Once it is approved, creators can go ahead and sign up as Project creators. However, to make sure that the team behind the project is genuine, KYC verification is mandatory for them as per Backers Protection Policy. On the other hand, Backers will be able to back the featured Projects which are open for backing using Ethereum. KYC verification is not mandatory for backers, but in case, the project requires KYC verified backers, they need to upload their KYC documents and submit for verification. Moreover, backers will also be able to see the transaction history and the list of projects they have backed on the platform.

Upcoming features on FYN Platform

In upcoming months, the Platform aims to introduce support for traditional crowdfunding Non-Token projects as well. This will allow projects with physical items to get funded. Talent marketplace will also be created where knowledge specialists can sell their services to Project creators who need help and assistance with their project ideas. Chinese version of the platform will also be created to expand the user base. Additionally, Milestone based payments will also be introduced to provide protection to backers against their investments.

The platform currently has 5000+ users already. The final launch will be in early 2018 where it will support more functionalities.

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