Gamecredits Aims to Be the Digital Currency for 2.6 Billion Gamers Worldwide

GameCredits has taken an edge in the online gaming industry right from the end of its ICO in May 2017 and the launch of its mobile store. GameCredits’s GAME is the digital currency based on the blockchain. It’s showing great progress for being a universal currency used by more than 2 billion gamers globally, empowering game developers in every possible way to further extend their 100 billion dollars gaming industry and empowering the massive adoption of decentralized, digital cryptocurrencies as a better, secure and easier-to-use alternative to government-issued fiats.

How hard is GameCredits focused to be the Universal digital currency?

The key to success behind GameCredits being a mainstream blockchain based online gaming platform lies in a number of real-value benefits it has been offering to its investors and online gaming community. Security, privacy, and speed are the only few of the various benefits GameCredits has brought to both developers and gamers, leading to a win-win situation for both, instead of favoring the one party at the cost of another.

  • High Processing Speeds

GameCredits Inc. proprietary payment mechanism has been developed on Big Data Technologies using Hadoop and Hbase, which is claimed to be the fastest by the company.

The system’s Big Data technology is able to manage tens of millions of users at a time. Developers can scale up without facing any problem.

  • Advanced Fraud Protection 

The platform bears a high-level fraud protection and data evaluation system that is equivalent to existing enterprise bank-level payment processing mechanism.

  • Blockchain Security

GameCredits platform is based on transaction completely handled and processed by its blockchain wallet solution, making each and everything verifiable.

  • Bypass Commission Fees

Many of the developers and gamers are opting for GameCredits due to its unique and lucrative feature of reduced commission fees for its transactions. Apple and Google Play charge developers and gamers as much as 30% transaction fee, which is incredibly higher than GameCredit store’s 10%.

  • Receive Payments Faster

Developers get a chance to receive their payouts in just 60 hours, unlike 60 days’ payout period as taken by most of the similar platforms.

In addition, higher deposits limits, no fraud or chargeback, and cross promotion features, make GameCredits an ideal platform for both gamers and developers.

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