How Can You Actually Spend Your Bitcoins, Explained


It definitely will, as progress keeps advancing at a rapid pace. 

One of the most recent innovations in cryptocurrency payments is plastic cards. An example of this is Monaco, which is currently nearing the end of its ICO campaign.

Monaco works just like regular Visa cards, and you can use it at any place that has a terminal for bank cards. The difference is that you can top up the balance of your Monaco card with Bitcoin or Ethereum and pay with that.

The system automatically takes care of exchanging your BTC or ETH coins into the appropriate amount of fiat currency at a perfect interbank exchange rate. 

You don’t have to do anything other than deposit your cryptocurrency to your Monaco balance. Whenever you use it to pay for something at a store, the service will do everything else, from withdrawing the needed amount of coins from your balance, exchanging it into fiat, to sending the resulting money to the merchant. 

If Monaco succeeds in developing and delivering their product to the markets, it might mean a revolution for Bitcoin and altcoin payments, as they will become easily spendable at any place that accepts Visa cards, online or physical. If you’re interested in the success of this project, feel free to visit its ICO page for more info.

Source: Cointelegraph