How gaming companies are using blockchain to redefine Australian gaming

Online casinos where some of the first businesses to start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment systems. They were the first ones to look at Bitcoin and say that yes, we will accept it as a payment system, making them some of the most progressive companies in the world.

It makes sense why they would accept cryptos as a payment system though. Casino clients might desire anonymity in their playing, and cryptocurrencies are some of the few transaction methods that actually allow this kind of anonymity of transactions. So it is not surprising now that the innovators in terms of payment systems are now thinking about how to innovate more in the field, with the help of cryptos and blockchain technologies.

This is most quickly happening in Australia. The casino industry in the country is quickly changing, with many companies finally seeing the pushback that is taking place against them as a sign of changing times. So, in order to be able to adapt to times and maybe offer something unique to the audiences, these casinos have started looking into competitive and new technologies. They are using blockchain in ways that allow games to be more engaging, faster and better at being random and secure,  which is something that many users find to be exceptional. But numerous Australian online casinos are not the only ones coming up with games.

Blockchain gaming online

The way that blockchain is currently being used is a recording system, in order to have a transaction system that is both reliable and fast. But some have found uses for the system that goes one step beyond. Companies that are currently operating within Australia have found a number of ways to apply blockchain to games that would produce an interesting result. Games that rely on random number generators have, as a result of some of the work that has been done by the companies, seen an increase in the efficiency of their operation. They are able to produce random numbers more reliably and are able to record them for longer times without losing them or without the data being corrupted or altered in one way or another. This produces a much more streamlined, reliable gaming experience that does not result in issues that some games have, in terms of memory bugs or random number bugs. This is why the blockchain is currently being applied, experimentally in most cases, to games that would require RNG algorithms. What is the most interesting in this development is the speed with which these blockchain records are able to process the games? The thing with blockchain is that when it first comes about it may be fast, but in time, with more processing, the entire process slows down. In one way or another, some companies are able to produce reliable results in terms of blockchain that does not slow down over long periods of time, which has been an incredibly positive development in the technology. Where else this might be going is not something that can be specifically predicted, but some are saying that simple RNG games are not the only thing that can be created. If further developed, more complex games with 3D graphics would be a possibility. The startups that are working on projects such as these are seeing more money diverted towards them from the Australian economy, as the government believes the application to be worth the investment.

Worldwide phenomenon

The Australian government is not the only ones that are seeing value in the project either. The blockchain gaming movement is more of a global phenomenon. While financial companies are looking to use blockchain and crypto in for speculation and profit generation, there are those who see value beyond just that. Microsoft and IBM are using blockchain for their own projects while Ubisoft has started working on games of their own, all based on blockchain tech. Ubisoft is a firm believer that the tech will be incredibly useful in producing some high level procedurally generated games or adventuring games in general. Their game, currently in alpha development that has little to no information about it available in general, but there are a few things known. One thing is that it will be inspired by building games such as Minecraft and that the world that the players will be inhabiting will be procedurally generated. It is one of the most interesting developments in blockchain gaming technologies right now and shows great promise for the industry in general. For now, all of the information points that Ubisoft is only testing the tech, but further development is expected.

It is exciting to see global companies take the next step in developing the gaming industry with a new and exciting technology that is blockchain. All that we have left is to wait and see what the next steps in the gaming world will be.


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