I dati sulla catena di Bitcoin suggeriscono un enorme deflusso dai minatori

Bitcoin on-chain data shows that miners have transferred a huge amount of coins to cryptocurrency exchanges.

On-chain Data Suggests Miners Transferred 11,816 BTC To Exchanges

As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, 20 July saw a huge outflow from Bitcoin miners. The total outflow from that day is around 12k.

Here is a chart that illustrates the trend in all miners BTC outflow over the last one year:

Bitcoin Miner Outflow

BTC miner outflow seems to have spiked

There are a few interesting features in the chart. This sudden rise of almost 12k BTC observed on Wednesday is the most since May, when the price of the cryptocurrency crashed around 50%.

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This spike comes after a period where the miner outflows were relatively low when compared to the preceding months.

As miner outflows only show how much Bitcoin was transferred by miners to exchanges, it’s not possible to tell how much of it was actually sold off.

però, if the indicator’s value goes up, it does showcase that selling pressure has increased among miners, and it could impact the price of the crypto.

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Another metric for knowing whether miners are selling or not is the Bitcoin all miners to all exchanges flow mean indicator. Here is the chart for it:

Bitcoin Miner Mean Flow

BTC miner to exchanges flow mean seems to be on the rise

The above graph makes it clear that the value of this indicator has been on the rise for sometime now, e 20 July also saw a spike.

The all miners to all exchanges flow mean showcases how the average transaction from miners to exchanges looks like. Per 20 luglio, this value was just over 80 BTC, less than the 98 BTC spike seen just a few days back.

Though there are two things to consider regarding these miner metrics. The first is that many mining pools don’t believe that data like this is authentic.

The second is that due to China’s crackdowns on Bitcoin mining, the world hashrate took a nosedive. Adesso, miners have started relocating and restarting their operations in other countries. This would undoubtedly result in a change in these metrics as well.

Prezzo Bitcoin

Al momento della scrittura, BTC’s price floats around $32.5k, giù 0.5% nell'ultimo 7 giorni.

Below is a chart showing the trend in the price of Bitcoin over the past 6 mesi.

Grafico dei prezzi dei bitcoin

BTC seems to be going up after a dip below $30k | fonte: BTCUSD su TradingView

After a crash below $30k, Bitcoin has started to climb back up quickly. It remains to be seen if the Moneta

Una moneta è un'unità di valore digitale. Quando si descrivono le criptovalute, sono costruiti utilizzando la tecnologia bitcoin e non hanno altro valore a differenza dei token che hanno il potenziale del software che viene costruito con loro.

" Leggi di più

‘ href =”https://www.newsbtc.com/dictionary/coin/” data-wpel-link =”interno”>coin can continue this trend and finally break past $35k, or if it’s going to be stuck in the same range as before again.

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