La prossima mossa di Bitcoin, La promozione di Elon Musk, la carta igienica NFT: Hodler’s Digest, 14-20 marzo

Venendo ogni sabato, Hodler’s Digest ti aiuterà a tenere traccia di ogni singola notizia importante accaduta questa settimana. Il migliore (e peggio) citazioni, adozione e punti salienti della regolamentazione, monete principali, previsioni e molto altro ancora: una settimana su Cointelegraph in un unico collegamento.

Le prime storie di questa settimana

La tendenza al rialzo per Bitcoin continua nonostante la sua lotta per reclamare $60,000

Bitcoin dazzled us all last Saturday with a dramatic surge to new all-time highs at $61,683.86. But the market spent little time in record territory, with a sharp pullback taking prices to lows of $53,555.03 by Tuesday. Although BTC has recovered to some extent, it is now facing strong resistance at the $60,000 livello.

CrossTower head of trading Chad Steinglass said some resistance is to be expected, and once these levels are surpassed, they become support. Ha aggiunto: “It will take a bit of chipping away to break through $60,000 with any kind of authority.”

But it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on Bitcoin’s progress. As Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michaël van de Poppe notes, BTC has accelerated from $11,000 per $60,000 in just six months. He believes $60,000 is “the final key resistance level before the next impulse wave toward $68,000 can happen.”

Parlando con Cointelegraph, eToro CEO Yoni Assia explained that a “confluence of circumstances” is contributing to the current bull run, including the economic situation in the U.S. sparked by the coronavirus pandemic. Kraken growth lead Dan Held added that BTC is currently experiencing a supercycle that could propel it all the way to $1 million and described it as a “one in 100-year moment."

Morgan Stanley introduce gli investimenti in Bitcoin per i clienti milionari

The institutional banking powerhouse Morgan Stanley caused a stir this week when reports suggested it is going to give clients access to Bitcoin investing — a big nod of approval.

CNBC reported that the U.S. bank is launching access to three crypto funds… but only under specific conditions. It’s only open to clients who carry accredited investor status and hold more than $2 milioni in capital at Morgan Stanley — and even then, they’ll only be able to allocate 2.5% of their overall wealth to these funds.

There’s been a flurry of reaction to Bitcoin from other financial institutions this week, with Deutsche Bank saying BTC’s $1-trilioni market cap has made the cryptocurrency “too important to ignore."

According to JPMorgan Chase, retail traders are flocking to buy BTC from mainstream fintech firms. Its data suggests that consumers have purchased more than 187,000 BTC from the likes of PayPal and Square this quarter, outpacing institutions, which have snapped up 173,000 BTC nello stesso periodo.

Come ti aspetteresti, not everyone is impressed. Bank of America analyst Francisco Blanch slammed Bitcoin as exceptionally volatile, impractical and environmentally disastrous. He was especially unimpressed by how BTC can only handle 1,400 transactions per hour, while Visa can handle 236 milioni.

Coinbase registra 114.9 milioni di azioni prima della quotazione diretta al Nasdaq

Coinbase has registered 114,850,769 shares of Class A common stock ahead of its direct listing on the Nasdaq. An updated S-1 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission suggests a volume-weighted average price per share of $343.58.

Other platforms that also offer crypto trading have also been making moves this week. Martedì, eToro announced that it is planning to merge with a blank check firm and go public with a valuation of $10.4 miliardi.

Kraken is yet to confirm whether it will follow in Coinbase’s footsteps, but in a statement to Cointelegraph, it ruled out using eToro’s approach, which involves being acquired by a company already listed on a stock exchange. “We are too big to go that route,” a representative told us.

Robinhood — another company that has been exploring an IPO — has also revealed that it is planning to expand its crypto trading service “as fast as possible.” But in a fireside chat on YouTube, CEO Vlad Tenev admitted it may take a few months for the company to recover from the GameStop trading saga.

Buyer of Beeple’s $69-million NFT on Christie’s discloses identity

Cointelegraph has started a brand-new series called Nifty News that offers a neat round-up of the biggest developments in NFTs. Here are a few of our favorite developments from the space this week.

MetaKovan, the mysterious bidder who acquired Beeple’s “Everydays: Il primo 5000 Days " piece for a cool $69.3 milioni, has been unmasked as Vignesh Sundaresan. Prior to founding Metapurse, he created the crypto exchange Coins-e and co-founded the crypto ATM project BitAccess.

Altrove, the blockchain-based sports platform Chiliz has enjoyed an extraordinary surge of late, with its altcoin surging by 1,650% in the space of two weeks — a performance that puts Bitcoin and Ether to shame.

Even though one of the main selling points of NFTs lies in how they are non-divisible, projects that aim to fractionalize these tokens have been gaining steam. Owning just a portion of a piece of digital art is becoming more appealing to collectors, and it could allow NFT holders to realize some liquidity from their assets without selling the entire piece.

And last but not least, toilet paper is back in the news. The bog roll brand Charmin has created five types of nonfungible token paper — accompanied by a physical display for lucky owners. An auction has been taking place on Rarible, with all proceeds going to charity.

Technoking e maestro della moneta: Elon Musk e Tesla CFO adottano nuovi titoli

Dimentica il CEO di Tesla: Elon Musk è stato promosso. Secondo un nuovo deposito SEC, il miliardario dovrebbe ora essere denominato "Technoking di Tesla".

Il suo chief financial officer, Zach Kirkhorn, ha anche ricevuto una promozione ... a "Master of Coin". Entrambi gli uomini manterranno le rispettive posizioni.

Musk ha motivo di festeggiare, con figure che suggeriscono che Tesla è stato seduto vicino a $19 milioni in profitti non realizzati al giorno da quando ha annunciato il suo $1.5-miliardi Acquisto di bitcoin. Questo quasi eclissa il file $721 milioni di profitti ricavati dalla vendita 500,000 auto in 2020.

Il miliardario è anche entrato nel mondo alla moda dei gettoni non fungibili questa settimana quando lui ha annunciato che stava progettando di vendere un musical NFT, con testi basati sul clamore che circonda la tecnologia - "È verificato, è garantito. " Molto orecchiabile.

Nonostante le offerte in eccesso $1.1 milioni sulla piattaforma Valuables, Musk in seguito ha portato a casa la sua palla, twittando: "In realtà, non mi sembra del tutto corretto venderlo. Passerà."

Che peccato.

Vincitori e vinti

Alla fine della settimana, Bitcoin è a $59,206.87, Ether a $1,845.28 e XRP su $0.49. La capitalizzazione di mercato totale è pari a $1,830,431,252,324.

Tra i più grandi 100 criptovalute, i primi tre guadagni altcoin della settimana sono Armonia, BitTorrent e Siacoin. I primi tre perdenti altcoin della settimana sono Chiliz, SwissBorg e Gettone Voyager.

Per maggiori informazioni sui prezzi delle criptovalute, assicurati di leggere Analisi di mercato di Cointelegraph.

Citazioni più memorabili

“NFT art is so hard to explain because it doesn’t make sense.”

John Carvalho, former Bitrefill chief communications officer

“Il bitcoin è diventato anche correlato agli asset di rischio, non è legato all'inflazione, e rimane eccezionalmente volatile, making it impractical as a store of wealth or payments mechanism.”

Francisco Blanch, Bank of America analyst

“Sometimes a better bathroom experience goes beyond the seat, that’s why we’re rolling out the first-ever NFT art by a toilet paper brand.”


“Se Kraken decidesse di diventare pubblico, lo farebbe tramite un elenco diretto e non tramite uno SPAC poiché siamo troppo grandi per seguire quella strada ".


“Collectors who are buying NFTs with their cryptocurrency gains could face large tax bills this year for deals that most probably thought were tax free.”

Robert Frank, CNBC

"Adesso, con il raffreddamento della mania degli stock di meme alimentato da Reddit e novità come i record di creazione di opere d'arte digitali, retail traders — some now armed with $1,400 stimulus checks — are taking control.”

Ed Moya, Oanda Corp senior market analyst

“Bitcoin is the preferred investment choice among check recipients.”

Mizuho Securities

“Effective as of March 15, 2021, the titles of Elon Musk and Zach Kirkhorn have changed to Technoking of Tesla and Master of Coin, rispettivamente."


Pronostico della settimana

$288,000 entro dicembre? Bitcoin “will not stop at $100,000,” says stock-to-flow creator

PlanB has doubled down on his stock-to-flow Bitcoin price model once again, arguing that Bitcoin has plenty of room to grow in its current bull run and “will not stop” at $100,000.

Many investors have been curious about where the 2021 la corsa al toro potrebbe finire. Depending on the price indicator used, il picco potrebbe essere scomodamente vicino o ancora lontano. But for followers of stock-to-flow, the answer remains firmly the latter: Compared with previous bull cycles, 2021 è solo all'inizio.

PlanB says December is a realistic deadline for BTC to hit $288,000 and says Bitcoin’s price is following his model “like clockwork.” He added that this forecast is just an average, meaning the peak of this cycle could be double those figures or even more.

“Siamo solo 3.5 mesi nel mercato rialzista di Bitcoin," ha scritto.

FUD della settimana

L'attacco di phishing utilizza i domini PancakeSwap e Cream per rubare denaro

Two decentralized finance projects were targeted by a DNS spoofing attack on Monday.

Cream Finance and PancakeSwap, both deployed on Binance Smart Chain, were affected by the phishing incident.

In Cream’s case, a fake window loaded where users were asked to input their private key. Non ci sono quasi occasioni in cui un utente debba inserire la propria frase seme in un'app del browser, especially not when interacting with DeFi.

Entrambi i siti web sembrano essere registrati tramite GoDaddy. Una possibile spiegazione è che gli account dei team sul provider siano stati dirottati, consentendo all'autore dell'attacco di modificare ufficialmente il punto di instradamento DNS per i domini.

Each project stressed that funds were safe as long as users didn’t type in their private keys, and both managed to later regain control of their websites.

Arthur Hayes chiede la resa volontaria alla corte delle Hawaii con $10 milioni di cauzione

Lawyers negotiating on behalf of Arthur Hayes, who is one of the four BitMEX executives accused of violating the Bank Secrecy Act, have finalized the terms of his proposed voluntary surrender to a Hawaii court on April 6.

The proposed bail conditions, which are subject to the court’s approval, stipulate that Hayes, who has lived in Singapore since January 2020, would potentially be released on a $10-million personal recognizance bond, secured by $1 million in cash and co-signed by his mother.

Further proposed conditions include Hayes’ retention of a passport for travel between Singapore and the U.S. and his execution of a waiver of extradition in a form that would be mutually agreed upon by the government and Hayes’ defense.

Il giudice nega all'XRP Army un posto al tavolo in SEC v. Custodia Ripple

A judge has denied a motion filed over the weekend on behalf of more than 6,000 Titolari XRP, who were attempting to insert themselves as third-party defendants in the SEC’s case against Ripple.

The motion to intervene argued that the interests of tokenholders — in this case, l'esercito XRP - non erano adeguatamente rappresentati nella causa contro Ripple e i suoi dirigenti.

Lawyer John Deaton had claimed that XRP holders had suffered $15 miliardi in losses following the SEC’s announcement of its lawsuit against Ripple, which caused the altcoin to crash.

NOI. District Judge Analisa Torres denied the motion “without prejudice,” meaning that lawyers representing XRP investors may be able to refile in the future.

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