Market Wrap: Bitcoin sale a $ 35,8K, Ether raggiunge nuovi massimi e DeFi Cross blocca $ 28 miliardi

Bitcoin reversed several days of sideways trading to head higher, ether broke $1,500 for the first time and DeFi’s ecosystem has a record amount of value locked in dollar terms.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) commercio in giro $35,824 come di 21:00 UTC (4 p.m. E). Guadagnando 6% rispetto al precedente 24 ore.
  • Gamma di 24 ore di Bitcoin: $33,459-$35,824 (CoinDesk 20)
  • BTC above the 10-hour but below the 50-hour moving average on the hourly chart, a sideways signal for market technicians.

Trading di bitcoin su Bitstamp da gennaio. 30.
fonte: TradingView

Bitcoin’s price is gaining Tuesday, going as high as $35,645 in giro 10:00 UTC (5 a.m. E) before dipping somewhat.

“I think we’ll see more interest in bitcoin again if we move solidly above $35,000,” said Chris Thomas, head of digital assets for Swissquote Bank. “On the support side for bitcoin is institutional buying in the low $30,000s.”

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Some exhaustion recently in the bitcoin market may have been caused by speculative activity in the stock market.

“So much attention has been on U.S. equities markets as of late, a lot of the mainstream and crypto outlets have been much less focused on driving the formation of opinions of traders and hodlers,” said John Willock, chief executive officer of crypto custody provider Tritum.

Equities on major indexes were all up Tuesday.

In addition to the bullish sentiment keeping stocks buoyant, it should be noted the price per 1 BTC has been able to stay above $30,000 for quite a while.

The last time bitcoin’s closing price was under $30,000, secondo CoinDesk 20 dati, was on New Year’s Day, when it closed at $29,333. It hasn’t looked back since.

Bitcoin’s historical price the past three months.
fonte: CoinDesk 20

“More than anything else, we should all take the long-term sustained price levels above the 2017 alto di $20,000 now over a month as the best possible endorsement of bitcoin being a long-term bullish asset,” added Tritum’s Willock.

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“Generally speaking, I think that the market is accepting higher prices while trying to digest the volatility,” noted Neil Van Huis, director of institutional trading at crypto liquidity provider Blockfills.

Bitcoin’s gyrations seem to have subsided somewhat, helped by a very flat weekend into Monday. A partire da febbraio. 1, bitcoin’s 30-day volatility has trended downward; but it is still above 100%, which is quite high. La S&P 500, a confronto, has a 30-day volatility below 20%.

Bitcoin versus S&P 500 30-day volatility the past three months.
(Shuai Hao / CoinDesk Research)
fonte: CoinDesk Research, St. Louis Fed, Yahoo Finance

In the options market, traders are expecting a 62% chance of BTC over $32,000, based on their positions for February expirations. They seem to expect a 53% chance of trading over $34,000 e a 44% probability of bitcoin moving higher than $36,000, according to data collected by Skew.

Bitcoin price probabilities for February options expiration.
fonte: Storto

“We have seen good signs in the option markets that participants are still valuing and pricing the market for higher in the near term,” added Blockfills’ Van Huis.

Ether hits new price zenith, crypto locked in DeFi at all-time high

Etere (ETH), la seconda più grande criptovaluta per capitalizzazione di mercato, jumped Tuesday, commercio in giro $1,526 e arrampicata 14.4% in 24 ore a partire da 21:00 UTC (4:00 p.m. E) – a fresh all-time high, secondo CoinDesk 20 dati.

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Il valore totale bloccato, or TVL, of crypto in U.S. dollar terms within decentralized finance (DeFi) is also hitting a brand-new high, going over $28 billion locked and at $28.8 miliardi al momento della stampa, according to data aggregator DeFi Pulse.

Valore totale bloccato in DeFi, in dollar terms, the past three months.
fonte: DeFi Pulse

The amount of ether locked in DeFI is up, al termine 7.3 milioni di ETH al momento della stampa. The rise in the price of ether locked in DeFi doesn’t hurt.

Total ETH locked in DeFi, in dollar terms, the past three months.
fonte: DeFi Pulse

Nel frattempo, the amount of bitcoin locked is heading upward, with the TVL at 45,632 BTC as of press time.

Total BTC locked in DeFi the past three months.
fonte: DeFi Pulse

Jun Dam, a smart-contract developer who has written code on the Ethereum and Tron platforms, noted that many decentralized exchanges have numerous pairs with ETH, and speculates traders may be selling some of their stash for DeFi tokens. "It seems like total DEX volume has increased significantly in 2021,” Dam told CoinDesk.

“DeFi is definitely the flavor,” concurred Swissquote’s Thomas. “There’s still good value out there if you consider the possibility that more people will move to DEXs in the next 12 mesi [and that] arguably the DEXs are still undervalued.”

Altri mercati

Risorse digitali su CoinDesk 20 sono per lo più martedì verdi. Vincitori notevoli a partire da 21:00 UTC (4:00 p.m. E):

Notevoli perdenti:

Materie prime:

  • Il petrolio era in aumento 2.5%. Prezzo al barile di greggio West Texas Intermediate: $54.85.
  • L'oro era in rosso 1.3% e a $1,835 al momento della stampa.
  • Silver is dropping, giù 8.3% and changing hands at $26.48.


  • I 10 anni degli Stati Uniti. Treasury bond yield climbed Tuesday to 1.100 and in the green by 0.47%.

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