PlanB ipotizza che la caduta del prezzo di BTC non significhi la fine

Bitcoin (BTC) price has declined over the past day or so, falling from highs above $60,000 in basso $50,000. Quello, però, does not necessarily mean the asset’s bull run is over, according to a well-known crypto analyst, Piano B.

“Nothing goes up in a straight line,” PlanB said in a Tweet on Friday.

“#Bitcoin has gone up 6 months in a row, until this month. This looks like the mid-way dip that we also saw in 2013 and 2017.”

PlanB is known in the crypto industry for his Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow, or S2F, modello. The model essentially projects Bitcoin’s price along an upward path in tandem with its halvings and increasing scarcity. He has also constructed a number of other models around the concept, factoring in different aspects.

Over the past several months, Bitcoin has dwarfed its 2017 prezzo di tutti i tempi alto, hitting just shy of $65,000 in aprile 14, secondo i dati di TradingView. In the following days, BTC proceeded to fall down near $47,500 entro aprile 23 — roughly a 26% declino. La mossa, però, is not out of line with previous Bitcoin bull cycles, according to PlanB’s tweet.

PlanB’s tweet on Friday also included a chart of Bitcoin’s price action during the bull markets that ensued following each of its previous halvings. Halvings occurred in 2012, 2016 e 2020. Bull markets followed in 2013, 2017 e 2020/2021.

Previous bull runs have sustained sizable pullbacks in price amid the backdrop of a greater macro bull cycle. Based on BraveNewCoin’s BLX chart on TradingView, during the bull run of 2013, after notable upside price action, Bitcoin suffered a crash of about 75% between April and July 2013. After that drop, Bitcoin went on to post significant gains before 2014 colpire.

A settembre di 2017, Bitcoin suffered a drop of roughly 40% following significant gains, but went on to hit new highs in subsequent months before falling into a bear market the year after.

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fonte: Cointelegraph

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