Illinois-based financial services company First Midwest Bank’s trust division has reported it held 29,498 shares of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust as of the second quarter of 2021.

According to an institutional investment manager holdings report filed by the First Midwest Bank Trust Division to the U.S. 証券取引委員会, the company increased its shares of Grayscale’s Bitcoin (BTC) Trust by more than 283% over that of the first quarter of 2021, から 7,693 shares at the end of March to 29,498 shares in two separate lots on June 30.

First Midwest reported the holdings were worth $880,000 at the time of filing, but they have since fallen to roughly $803,000. グレースケールのBTCトラストの株価, またはGBTC, has dropped by more than 22% 今年, から $35.08 1月に. 4 に $27.18 掲載時. The asset has been trading at a roughly 15 に 20% そのビットコイン保有への割引.

Cointelegraph reported yesterday that major institutional investment managers were still seemingly showing confidence in cryptocurrency despite recent volatility. Nickel Digital CEO Anatoly Crachilov said 19 listed companies with a market cap of more than $1 trillion “had around $6.5 billion” currently invested in Bitcoin. First Midwest holds $14 数十億の運用資産, so its GBTC shares represent less than 0.006% of its AUM.

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Grayscale is expected to “unlock” more than 16,000 Bitcoin related to its BTC trust on July 18. Though the investment manager regularly unlocks such funds, the event scheduled in less than two weeks is expected to be the largest, と 16,240 BTC becoming available, または大まかに $536 million at the time of publication.