PR: Tokenboxプラットフォームは投資します $6 暗号資金開発への万人

Tokenbox Crypto Fund

これは有料のプレスリリースです, これは、前方の見通しに関する記述が含まれています, そして広告や宣伝材料として扱われるべきです. Bitcoin.comこの製品/サービスを推奨するものでもサポートしていません。. Bitcoin.comは、任意のコンテンツについての責任を負いません, プレスリリース以内の精度や品質.

Tokenbox co-founder, ウラジミール非難, announced that the first 10 funds to be registered on the Tokenbox platform will receive a $6 million grant from the Tokenbox team. The project TGE (ICO) is planned for November 14th.

The amount of investors’ funds planned to be raised at the Token Generation Event is limited to $20 百万. As stated by the Tokenbox team, 30% of investments are set to connect the very first fund managers and the Reserve Pool Funding. In case of maximum fund-raising, $6 million will be sent as initial investments to the funds selected by the Tokenbox team, according to a Due Diligence procedure.

It will include up to 10 funds with optimally diversified strategies and associated risks.
These investments should also be considered as the marketing costs necessary to attract professional management partners to the Tokenbox platform. The revenues and assets of these funds, if necessary, can be used to maintain the liquidity of TBX tokens, as well as to extend the functionality of the platform.

こうして, the first Tokenbox partners, both funds and traders, will have an opportunity to receive significant management funds, while using an alpha version of the platform.

Newly developed trading terminal, co-created by Tradingview and Tokenbox teams, perfectly balanced multicurrency portfolio, funds’ tokenization, legal transparency and mandatory KYC-verifications are named among the main advantages of the Tokenbox.

Tokenbox was given a “Stable+”, high-quality assets rating category by the ICOrating agency. Top analysts of cryptomarket recommend to buy TBX tokens for long-term portfolios.

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これは有料のプレスリリースです. 読者は昇格会社またはその関連会社またはサービスのいずれかに関連するあらゆる行動を取る前に、独自のデューデリジェンスを行う必要があります. Bitcoin.comは責任を負いません, 直接的または間接的に, 生じたいかなる損害または損失またはまたはの使用または任意のコンテンツへの依存に関連して引き起こされると主張しました, プレスリリースに記載された商品またはサービス.

のは、広告をブロックしてみましょう! (なぜ?)

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