PR: Xenio.ioは、分散型ゲームBlockchainソースコードをリリース Gaming Blockchain

これは有料のプレスリリースです, これは、前方の見通しに関する記述が含まれています, そして広告や宣伝材料として扱われるべきです. Bitcoin.comこの製品/サービスを推奨するものでもサポートしていません。. Bitcoin.comは、任意のコンテンツについての責任を負いません, プレスリリース以内の精度や品質.

After months of closed development, the team behind the open source Xenio project have released version 0.2 of their blockchain source code, the first in a planned series of tiered releases of the greater Xenio software suite. The Github is available at: HTTPS://

Xenio is a decentralized peer-to-peer gaming distribution platform and blockchain. It allows game developers to sell games directly to gamers with no commission, and using the Xenio platform, developers can create tokens for their game licenses and in-game digital assets. Xenio runs on its own dedicated game-optimized blockchain, utilizing smart contract technology for provably fair game statistics and trustless transactions on the integrated game asset marketplace. The newly released code is capable of running the production version of the Xenio blockchain, which has already been running in stealth mode for months.

Starting features of Xenio include:

Masternode system for game server operators to earn XNO by hosting games, based on a custom consensus protocol called Proof-of-Networking

A dedicated game-optimized blockchain with smart contracts and token capabilities Blockchain-stored game statistics for open analysis and provably fair matchmaking Token creation functionality for game licenses and in-game assets (weapons, skins, in game currency, 等) allowing optional transfer of assets to other gamer accounts XNO transaction fee sharing, paid to all connected nodes, including gaming clients.

  • Fully decentralized P2P system and multi-OS consumer client with no central server authority or corporate interests
  • Direct to consumer game publishing with no commission charges
  • Multicurrency payment support – gamers can buy games through the user client with XNO, ビットコイン, or a number of other payment methods not just cryptocurrencies.
  • APIs and SDKs using modern languages for developers to easily integrate their games
    Offline client key management means no servers need to be trusted to create a new account or sign in to the system
  • End-to-end encrypted chat system from within the client
  • Open source model enables the community to contribute to the platform directly

To find out more about Xenio, 来てください: HTTPS://
The white paper is available at: HTTPS://
The Github is available at: HTTPS://

The Xenio ICO is currently in the Early Presale phase, and registrations are now open.

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これは有料のプレスリリースです. 読者は昇格会社またはその関連会社またはサービスのいずれかに関連するあらゆる行動を取る前に、独自のデューデリジェンスを行う必要があります. Bitcoin.comは責任を負いません, 直接的または間接的に, 生じたいかなる損害または損失またはまたはの使用または任意のコンテンツへの依存に関連して引き起こされると主張しました, プレスリリースに記載された商品またはサービス.

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