ScaramucciのSkyBridgeBTCファンドは $25 百万の投資

Just two days after filing a Form D exemption with the U.S. 証券取引委員会, アンソニー・スカラムチのヘッジファンド, Skybridge Capital, has launched its proposed Bitcoin (BTC) 基金.

12月に. 23 interview on the Yahoo Finance channel, Scaramucci claimed that the effective registration with the SEC had now been completed and the fund had been started with $25 million of SkyBridge’s own capital.

The fund will be opened to accredited investors on Jan. 4, with a minimum subscription of $50,000, although Scaramucci claimed that the company was already putting together a “nice book” of preliminary orders.

In the interview Scaramucci claimed that SkyBridge is trying to “democratize the hedge-fund industry,” and that “Bitcoin is still somewhat difficult to buy.”

He followed this by praising Grayscale, which offers a fund providing easy Bitcoin exposure for institutional investors and currently holds over half a million Bitcoin.

しかしながら, the SkyBridge fund will be cheaper, 彼が説明しました, charging an annual fee of 0.75% against Grayscale’s 2%. It will also trade at the net asset value of Bitcoin rather than the 20-30% premium seen with Grayscale, Scaramucci claimed. The fund will rely on Fidelity Digital Assets for custody of the Bitcoin.

Scaramucci pointed out Bitcoin’s attribute as a store of value, and drew a comparison between its current $440 billion market cap and gold’s $10 兆, 言って:

“So, we think there’s a very large move for Bitcoin over the next five to ten years.”

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