TA: イーサリアムが回復を開始, ETHが衰退を再開できる理由

Ethereum started an upside correction from the $1,720 米ドルに対するゾーン. ETH price could correct further higher, but upsides might be capped near $1,850.

  • Ethereum formed a base above the $1,720 support zone before starting an upside correction.
  • The price is still trading well below the $1,850 抵抗と 100 1時間ごとの単純移動平均.
  • 近くの抵抗で主要な弱気トレンドラインの上にブレークがありました $1,790 ETH / USDの時間足チャート (Kraken経由のデータフィード).
  • The pair is likely to rise further towards the $1,850 resistance zone and the 100 毎時SMA.

Ethereum Price Correcting Losses

Ethereum remained in a bearish zone and it extended its decline below $1,800, ビットコインに似ています. ETH価格は $1,780 support and it settled well below the 100 1時間ごとの単純移動平均.

The price traded as low as $1,718 and it seems to be forming a base above the $1,720. Ether is now correcting gains and it is trading above the $1,750 レベル. 上に休憩がありました 50% Fib retracement level of the key decline from the $1,832 高く振る $1,718 低.

There was also a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance near $1,790 ETH / USDの時間足チャート. The pair is now trading above the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the key decline from the $1,832 高く振る $1,718 低.


ソース: TradingView.comのETHUSD

The price is now facing resistance near the $1,810 レベル. The main resistance is now forming near the $1,850 レベルと 100 毎時SMA. ポジティブゾーンに移動するには, the price must climb above the $1,830 そして $1,850 抵抗レベル.


If Ethereum fails to recover above $1,820 そして $1,850, 下落し続ける可能性がある. 欠点の最初のサポートは近くにあります $1,775 レベル.

最初の主要なサポートは近くにあります $1,750 レベル. 主なサポートは現在、 $1,720 レベル. Any more losses could set the pace for a drop towards the $1,650 短期的にはサポートゾーン. The next major support sits near the $1,600 レベル.


毎時MACDThe MACD for ETH/USD is now gaining pace in the bullish zone.

毎時RSIETH / USDのRSIは現在 50 レベル.

メジャーサポートレベル– $1,750

主要な抵抗レベル– $1,850

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