Yearn Finance’s governance token YFI continued its winning spree entering the Thursday session as its price maintained its weekly gains of about 30 パーセント.

The YFI/USD exchange rate surged in the early European session, ヒッティング $31,884 before turning lower due to profit-taking sentiment. That marked the second time in the previous 24 hours that witnessed the pair attempting to break above the $30,000-level.

それにもかかわらず, YFI appeared oversold after rallying almost parabolically from its quarter low of $7,015. That amounted to a downside correction — or consolidation unless the trend neutralizes to provide traders a stable buying level.

Looking from the technical perspective, YFI found itself catering to two separate bias indicators: the Head and Shoulder pattern, which is bearish, and the Ascending Triangle pattern, which is bullish. Here is a detailed outlook.

The Bearish YFI

The chart below shows YFI on the cusp of completing a Head and Shoulder pattern.


Yearn Finance's H&S Pattern in an uptrend. ソース: TradingView.comのYFIUSD

振り返ってみると, the H&S chart formation appears when an asset forms three peaks consecutively on baseline support, with the middle being the highest than the other two that are of almost the same height. Traders interpret H&S as a bullish-to-bearish reversal pattern, pointing that the running uptrend is coming to exhaustion.

YFI has just formed the right and final shoulder (or peak). 技術的には, the cryptocurrency should follow up with a pullback towards the baseline (the longest black trendline). While that would make an H&S pattern, it would take another bearish breakdown below the baseline to confirm its whole.

それが起こった場合, the YFI/USD risks falling by as much as the length of the highest peak. It is roughly $10,000-12,000 長いです, which puts the pair en route to at least $20,000 upon an H&S breakdown.

The Bullish Outlook

There is also the possibility of YFI not pulling back from its so-called right shoulder’s peak towards the H&S breakdown target. 代わりに, the cryptocurrency could keep testing the $30,000-resistance level while receiving support from the H&S baseline, which would now be Ascending Trendline support.

Such a case would prompt YFI to form an Ascending Triangle pattern — a bullish one. それが起こった場合, the cryptocurrency would attempt a breakout above the $30,000-level. Once it happens, its upside target would shift to the level that sits near $50,000.


Yearn Finance's Ascending Triangle formation. ソース: TradingView.comのYFIUSD

The technical bullish triangle’s technical breakout target is as much as the maximum distance between its two trendlines. That is about $20,000.

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