CBDCの設計に関する課題, 説明

An identity-based, meta-blockchain can achieve all three design goals of identity, privacy and programmability.

While blockchain systems can be structurally decentralized, the operation itself can be very much centralized and sequential.

The problem lies in how transactions cannot be processed in paralleland multiple smart contracts cannot be operated simultaneously.

A meta-blockchain that can operate smart contracts in parallel could be the answer here, as it can ensure that a user’s information is kept secret at all times.

SovereignWallet Network (SWN) Global believes it has found the solution for tackling the issues that CBDCs face, and aims to deliver self-sovereign financial services to millions of people.

The fourth-generation network inherits all the advancements in blockchain and digital currency technologiesand the project launched the MUI MetaBlockchain mainnet on January 3.

Developers say MetaMUI can help achieve the perfect equilibrium in the CBDC design trilemma, helping the next generation of digital assets to be rolled out smoothly.

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