SushiSwapを選ぶ理由 (寿司) 急増しています 10% 今日より高い

SushiSwap‘s native SUSHI token has surged higher over the past few days and weeks. As of this article’s writing, the cryptocurrency is up 10% 過去には 24 時間, pushing to $4.50.

SUSHI’s rally comes as Ethereum has been relatively flat on a day that Bitcoin pushed to $42,000.

The Ethereum-based Altcoin

Altcoinは、ビットコインを除くすべての暗号通貨として定義されています. 「アルトコイン」は2つの単語の組み合わせです: 「代替ビットコイン」または「代替コイン」. 終わった 1,500 さらに多くのリリースが計画されているアルトコイン.

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‘ href =”” data-wpel-link =”内部”>altcoin appears to be benefiting from a number of fundamental trends that indicate the market will move higher in the days and weeks ahead.

SUSHI remains a relative value play to Uniswap’s UNI token, analysts argue.

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SushiSwap Roadmap Expected

Tomorrow, the SushiSwap team is expected to release the roadmap for the project.

“0xMaki,” the pseudonymous and much-loved “general manager” of the project, wrote on Twitter that the team will release the “2021 roadmap tomorrow.”

SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange that is being integrated into the ecosystem. SUSHI is the platform’s native token; holders of the コイン

コインはデジタル価値の単位です. 暗号通貨を説明するとき, それらはビットコイン技術を使用して構築されており、ソフトウェアがそれらを使用して構築される可能性があるトークンとは異なり、他の価値はありません.

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‘ href =”” data-wpel-link =”内部”>coin can earn dividends by staking their SUSHI in the so-called “Sushibar.”

The roadmap is expected to give more information about SushiSwap’s cross-chain ambitions, potential upgrades to the protocol, and the release date of the BentoBox product. BentoBox is currently being audited by Quantstamp and is expected to go live in the coming weeks.

SUSHI is believed to benefit from the release of these upgrades and products as with more usage, there should be an increase in the fees that will accrue to SUSHI holders over time.

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All Eyes on Bitcoin

Although SUSHI has been largely uncorrelated with other cryptocurrencies in recent weeks, Bitcoin is still dictating the overall market trend.

Bitcoin has clearly been on a bull trend over recent months, pushing from the $20,000 region in December to $42,000 now. The leading cryptocurrency is overbought by many technical indicators, analysts say, though the long-term macro trend remains intact.

SUSHI is likely to continue to outperform as long as it ships new products and updates amid this ongoing Bitcoin and Ethereum bull market.

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Why SushiSwap (寿司) 急増しています 10% 今日より高い

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