XRP陸軍は「RelistXRP’ トレンド, 取引所が準拠することを要求する

Members of the XRP Army — supporters of the XRP token — have started an online movement to pressure crypto exchanges to relist the digital asset amid Ripple facing a lawsuit from the U.S. 証券取引委員会, またはSEC.

According to Twitter user MackAttackXRP, the hashtagRelistXRPwas trending in The Netherlands earlier today, with some users reporting the social media movement was gaining traction in Australia, アメリカ合衆国, とイギリス. Twitter data showed more than 35,000 tweets with the hashtag in The Netherlands, より多い 30,000 tweets in the U.S., and roughly 24,000 in Australia.

The campaign is reportedly an attempt to draw attention to crypto exchanges that have delisted or suspended trading for the XRP token. 12月中, SECは、リップルCEOのブラッドガーリングハウスと共同創設者のクリスラーセンに、 “未登録, 継続的なデジタル資産証券の提供” XRP販売のため. In response to the lawsuit, many crypto exchanges announced they would suspend the trading of XRP, or delist the token entirely. Global money transfer service MoneyGram has also terminated its partnership with Ripple.

The exchanges that have halted trading for XRP or delisted it include Coinbase, OKCoin, Bittrex, ビットスタンプ, Binance.US, Crypto.com, iTrustCapital, eToro, Genesis, ネクサス, Wirex, Ziglu, CEX, STEX, Abra, Blockchain.com, and Coingate. Other crypto firms have deferred taking action against the token. 例えば, Uphold said it will not delist XRP until the SEC lawsuit is resolved, while Indonesia crypto exchange Indodax said the tokenhas a risk of being delisted.

より多い 6,000 XRP holders lost a motion filed on their behalf in the SEC case against Ripple to insert themselves as third-party defendants. The motion to intervene argued that the interests of the XRP token holders were not being adequately represented in the lawsuit against Ripple and its executives.

掲載時, XRPの価格は $0.58, 上昇した 16% 最後に 24 時間.

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