Keplertek – Maximum of 2 More Weeks of Pre-Sale – Join Now!

Leading advisors in the fields of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in general, all agree that with Kepler Technologies, the crypto space is about to become enriched by one of the few brilliant projects that actually has the potential to change the future of humanity for the better. Kepler’s platform, Kepler Universe will make it possible for young and promising start-ups focused on inventing the technology of the future to connect with like-minded visionaries and skilled businessman. All settlements in this ecosystem will be conducted in KEP and give token holders the opportunity to purchase robots and licenses, as well as subscription services for AI. The days of mind-blowing projects not being able to pursue their ambitions due to a lack of funding or experience are over, and by investing in KEP, you are not only getting a high-potential asset but also helping the development of world-changing technology on the side.

Keplertek’s Pre-Sale started a little over a week ago and is open for another 14 days, with ICO starting on the 26th of June. Seeing as there is a lot of interest and hype around this project, it is advised not to wait until the last minute and participate NOW. So far, 1.4 million of the 4 million total KEP tokens (valued at $1.25 each) available during this stage of pre-ICO have been sold, with many smart investors starting to improve their Portfolio by adding some KEP to the mix. The 30% bonus on all purchases is a great incentive to participate in a project worth investing in and the non-existent maximum contribution amount makes it possible for future token holders to become a substantial part of our technological future. Additionally, if you are planning on contributing upwards of 10 ETH, you will receive even further bonuses that can be topped-off with another 5% bonus from using the websites affiliate program.

10 ETH – 3% bonus token
20 ETH – 5% bonus token
50 ETH – 7% bonus token
100 ETH – 10% bonus token

The signs all seem to point towards Kepler Technologies reaching its hard cap and becoming an integral part of the crypto space. Kepler Technologies was able to raise over 4 million USD in funding so far, through Private Investments, the Community Building Stage (an opportunity for the crypto community to get in on the early stages of Pre-ICO) and Pre-Sale – all before the initial coin offering officially started.

Keplertek will be listed on major exchanges by the end of ICO in July and launch the alpha version of Kepler Universe in Q3 2018, making it the perfect time to join the ranks of countless innovators working hard to ensure Keplertek reaches the heights it deserves. Keplertek invites investors from all countries to get whitelisted and participate in the ongoing Pre-Sale. Don’t let this be another “what if” moment filled with regret for missing out on something big – join now!

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Source: Newsbtc