Bitcoin Diamond Hands는 새로운 최고점에 도달했습니다., 신선한 랠리 전 미리보기?

와 함께 31.6% 주간 차트의 이익, Bitcoin has been retaking his mantle as the king of the crypto market during the past days. The first cryptocurrency by market cap has been moving to the upside with a strong conviction and seem poised to retake its previous highs.

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글을 쓰는 시점, Bitcoin 거래 $54,659 와 함께 1% 일일 차트의 이익. 이 기간 동안, BTC’s price was rejected as it entered the mid-area around its current levels.

일일 차트에서 횡보하는 BTC. 원천: BTCUSD 트레이딩 뷰

In support of the bulls, Glassnode records an increase in the number of BTC investors with “diamond hands” or less inclined to take profits on sudden moves. This metric now stands at an 80.5% of the Bitcoin total circulating supply.

그런 의미에서, 71.1% of the Bitcoin long term holders are in profit as BTC moved back into the $50,000, 와 함께 9.4% at a loss and a 19.5% of the circulating supply in control of short-term holders. The latter are comprised of those investors who took a position in BTC in the past 3 개월.

아래에서 볼 수 있듯이, Bitcoin has managed to climb to an all-time high in every previous bull market when the number of long-term holders reached or surpassed 54%.

원천: Glassnode

At its peak in 2021, when the price of Bitcoin touched the $64,000, Glassnode records a long-term holder’s percentage of 67.7%. In combination with the low percentage of short-term holders, there seems to be enough evidence to suggest a continuation in the upward trend.

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Further data provided by Glassnode indicates a rise in the number of BTC purchase by long-term holders since March 2021. 이 기간 동안, long-term holders added over 2.35 million BTC to their addresses.

대조적으로, 뿐 180,000 비트코인 (BTC) were issued by miners. 따라서, long-term holders added 13x more BTC than those produced by this sector.

원천: Glassnode

Bitcoin Fundamentals Favor The Bulls

Additional data provided by CryptoQuant noted a reduction in the supply of Bitcoin held by crypto exchange platforms. This metric has dropped to a 1-year low, as seen in the upcoming chart.

원천: CryptoQuant

이 기간 동안, the chart shows a direct correlation between the price of BTC and its supply across exchange platforms.

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하나, CryptoQuant also notes almost no variation in the stablecoin supply ratio. On a decline since May 2021, this metric is used to measure the demand on the crypto market.

원천: CryptoQuant

차트가 보여주듯이, BTC’s price took important hits when the stablecoin supply ratio dropped in March until the end of July when an uptick coincided with Bitcoin moving away from its previous range in the $30,000.

If the bulls are to have a serious chance at retaking its previous all-time highs, the stablecoin supply ratio needs to get back at the yearly open levels.

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