Blockchain 플랫폼은 인터넷 서비스가 더 많은 개인 및 저렴한 만든다

The role of the Internet in modern day civilization cannot be overemphasized. It also serves as an essential tool for globalization and societal development that is significant in every area of individual and national development such as education, 상업, politics and the military.

Centralized servers are limited

Considering how crucial Internet services are becoming and the growing demands upon service providers on a global level, it is obvious that the existing infrastructure can only be relied upon for a limited period of time. Also the centralized nature of these systems remains a form of limitation which leaves subscribers in a state of uncertainty based on what to expect from a service based on centralized control. Being run mostly by profit-oriented corporations, the limited coverage in terms of Internet service is a consequence of demography and available opportunities. This explains why most sparsely populated areas, such as small towns and villages do not enjoy good Internet services.

On the side of users, connecting through centralized servers means giving up on their rights to privacy. This is because with the existing service providers, there is no such thing as genuine neutrality.

A decentralized platform

The solutions offered by Blockchain technology which enables “anyone to be anything at any time” is being explored in the Internet service providing industry. IUNGO network and its existing partnerships enhance the availability of the Internet across several borders by taking advantage of the flexibility offered by Blockchain technology. This system involves the creation of a decentralized platform where anyone who has Internet data can function as a service provider to his immediate community by providing WiFi services. This service will enable more participation, and create an inclusive ecosystem that will increase Internet coverage even to more remote areas across the world.

A universal revenue opportunity

Powered by an Ethereum based token, IUNGO presents service providers with such benefits as an additional revenue stream for individuals and businesses who elect to provide Internet services to anyone within their surroundings as they can pay using the platform’s tokens. The project is also a cost-effective venture since there will be no need for the usual physical infrastructure that is normal practice with the existing systems. Blockchain is a protocol that is not bound by geographical location. Therefore issues of coverage and Internet reach will become forgotten. More users will become engaged in the profitable venture, thereby contributing to solving the global and persistent problem of unemployment.

The IUNGO platform provides users with powerful web-based service management tools (network abuse prevention, 보고서, 청구, alerts, captive portals, white label branding), marketing tools and also the resident Blockchain protocol ensures increased security within the service. 또한, based on the direct peer-to-peer nature of transactions, there becomes a significantly reduced legal liability for corporate “visitor” Internet access.

A convenient and affordable service

Internet users on the IUNGO platform are exposed to instant, seamless, safe and automated connectivity with hassle-free payments. Beyond these, the reduced cost of providing these services automatically implies a more affordable product for subscribers who through Blockchain technology are offered transparent accounting with a single global wallet. Internet usage, 이 경우, is also based on preferences in terms of price, 속도, quality and reviews.

IUNGO network is currently carrying out an ICO and has already achieved its Soft Cap with more than 10 mln tokens sold to over 3,000 unique investors from every continent on earth. The network also has working MVP and is rolling out globally with a partnership to provide IUNGO hotspots at Vilnius International airport (impressive video of the Airport launch here) with more hotspots in London, 더블린, Dubai and Taiwan coming soon. Its recent partnership with Mysterium (who raised $14 mln in their May ICO) will provide the first DApp on the platform providing a VPN to all IUNGO users.

This innovation by IUNGO network is set to disrupt the Internet service providing industry, offering both individuals and organizations the opportunity to earn revenue while enabling the global growth and coverage in Internet services. They already have a community of over 5,000 passionate supporters on Telegram, a sure fire sign of a successful project indeed, making IUNGO one to watch in 2018.

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