BrickBlock ICO: 기회는 부동산을 소유하는, 동전 자금, 및 ETF의 - 이제 투자

Brickblock’s ICO has started. The catch is, you get 10% bonus when you register today till 4 오후 GMT. It is far from the normal ICOs parading the internet. This is an investment that gives you a chance to own a lot: it’s the go-to platform for trading assets securely. Get to invest and trade in coin funds, 부동산, and ETFs through the internet’s most secure ICO.

What makes, Different?

The cryptocurrency market is a competitive one. With the introduction of many ICOs, it is always difficult to decide where your money should go. So Brickblock decided to step in and help the community members diversfy their cryptocurrency investment across markets, including the conventional ones. And Brickblock’s ICO sale is the first step towards fulfilling this mission.

Volatility in the investment atmosphere can make or destroy an investor. 그래서, with Brickblock’s ICO, you get to put your investments, not in one basket but spread them across different assets – giving you a sense of security. The catch? You have a choice to pay in either fiat or by using a cryptocurrency of your choice.

Key benefits of investing on Brickblock’s ICO

  • Why would you invest in fiat if you have to pay huge fees for that same investment? Brickblock eliminates the investment fee problem, making sure that your investment costs you less.
  • Get to trade on the platform
  • Sell your assets for cash anytime – the choice is yours.

Tokens to consider

Three main tokens underpin our platform.

  • The Brickblock Tokens (BBT): These are the tokens you will be buying. 와 $50 million goal, your investment will produce assets tokens, so you know your money is increasing.
  • The Access Tokens (ACT): 그냥 0.5% for each transaction, this is the best in the industry.
  • The Proof of Assets Token (POA): this is what Brickblock uses to enable you to own real-world assets like real estate, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs.

The able team behind the robust ICO

The unbeatable team behind Brickblock will entice you to invest. Right from industry leaders, technical blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, 관리자, and programmers, Brickblock has organized industry experts to change the way we invest in stock through cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. Don’t be left out – join the ICO now.

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