BTC / USD와 BTC / JPY 기술적 분석 11월 15 2017

안녕하세요 뉴스 BTC의 시장 전망 11 월 오신 것을 환영합니다.
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Bitcoin has been relatively quiet during the Tuesday session, as we continue to hover just above the 6500 수평. The market looks likely to find a bit of support in this area, but with the stochastic oscillator crossing at the 80 수평, I am a bit hesitant in the short term. I need to see a break above the 6800 수준은 구매 시작, which at that point I think 7000 becomes the next resistance barrier. 그렇지 않으면, a pullback from here should have people interested again near the 6200 수평.


Bitcoin also rolled over a little bit against the Japanese yen, as we are oversold in the stochastic oscillator also. I think that ¥700,000 makes more sense for the buyers to return, as we are trying to build up a bit of confidence. ¥725,000 is also an area where we could find buyers, so any type of bounce in that region could be an opportunity to go long as well.

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