CME 그룹은 비트 코인 선물 계약을 시작합니다

Derivatives marketplace operator CME Group has announced plans to launch a bitcoin futures product in the fourth quarter of this year.

Though the exact release date has yet to be revealed, CME said that the futures would be settled via cash and based on its CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate, an index it debuted in Nov. 2016 in partnership with London-based Crypto Facilities. The futures would be listed on CME, 이 회사는 밝혔다.

테리 더피, CME Group chairman and CEO, 성명에서 말했다:

Given increasing client interest in the evolving cryptocurrency markets, 우리는 비트 코인 선물 계약을 도입하기로 결정했습니다. 세계 최대의 규제 FX 시장으로, CME 그룹은 투명성과 투자자를 제공 할 것입니다이 새로운 차량에 대한 자연의 집입니다, price discovery and risk transfer capabilities.

이 회사에 따르면, the launch is contingent on receiving approval from US regulators. 이전에보고 된 바와 같이, recent efforts to create financial products around the cryptocurrency have hit some headwinds, particularly those that involve the creation of derivatives contracts.

상기, startups like LedgerX – which is licensed as both a swap execution facility and a derivatives clearing organization – have already moved to capture some of the interest and demand in these products. Established firms such as CBOE are seeking to list similar derivatives as well.

폭로: CME 그룹은 디지털 환율 그룹의 투자자, CoinDesk의 모회사.

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