Coinfirm는 이상 16K ETH에서 토큰 판매를 취득 국제적 자문위원회에 조이 가르시아를 인식 추가합니다 · 일월 31, 2018 · 11:00 오전

일월 31, 2018 – Leading token sale advisory firm TokenMarket has supported Coinfirm, a global RegTech enterprise focused on anti-money laundering for Blockchain, to sell $19 million worth of AMLT Tokens.

Combined with its successful Token Sale, Coinfirm has also announced today it has added one of the industry’s most renowned lawyers, legal pioneer Joey Garcia.

Garcia of Gibraltar law firm powerhouse ISOLAS joins an advisory board of the leading regtech company that already includes veterans of the world’s largest banking and software companies. He further has been recognized as one of the 12 best blockchain lawyers in the world by Chambers and Partners for helping shape the regulatory environment.

폴 Kuskowski, CEO and Founder of Coinfirm, 말했다:

We are delighted to be able to count on Joey’s deep knowledge and experience of the blockchain compliance and regulatory landscape. Joey’s advice will be crucial in ensuring we meet our goal of setting the global standard for the industry.

Garcia explained why he was eager to join the board. “For me, looking at Coinfirm, its offering and solution, the company brings a very natural professional development to the space, and actually in some circumstances even goes beyond what many financial institutions expect. As we look at legal interpretations being clarified and regulatory standards becoming more firmly set, I can really see the benefit of the Confirm structure and that is why I was so keen to support and be involved.”

The successful sale and new addition of Garcia to the team will allow Coinfirm to continue to build a Global AML & Compliance Standard for the Blockchain industry.

The Token of Compliance

Coinfirm is a regtech solutions provider known for its anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) 플랫폼. The company’s blockchain AML/CTF compliance platform uses proprietary algorithms and big data analytics to provide structured actionable data that allows for mass adoption of blockchain and streamlines compliance to near automation.

Full-service token sale partners

작년의 과정을 통해, TokenMarket have established itself as the foremost token sale partner in the crypto space. Based in Gibraltar but with offices in the UK and a dispersed team around the world, the company offer a full advisory service to blockchain businesses, from the tech required to collect funds securely through to market research, strategy and execution, as well as token generation and distribution.

출시 이후, TokenMarket has helped blockchain businesses collect more than $350 million in Bitcoin and Ether. Success stories have included Civic, 최선을 다하고, and Monaco. The combined market cap of all the projects that TokenMarket has helped launch currently stands at over $3 십억.

For more information about Coinfirm and TokenMarket, HTTPS를 방문:// and

Coinfirm의 이미지 제공

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