DeFi Yield Farming 및 Cryptocurrency Staking과 온라인 게임 보상 비교

With a new boom in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, investors and digital currency holders are seeing lots of opportunities to grow the value of their digital assets.

One of these is the idea of staking a cryptocurrency or using a decentralized yield farming approach to gain interest on digital currencies.

While these two processes tend to work a bit differently, both can restore the idea that savers can grow their money over time by getting good returns on deposited funds. As pointed out in this piece on Forbes, in the old days, regular dollar depositors got 6% on their money. These days it’s more like 0.06%. 하나, DeFi yield farming and staking are changing the game, bringing new ways to leverage the stored value that’s not stored in traditional fiat.

Just look at the ability of crypto staking models to return 6% ...에 10% 매년, 또는 200% APY or more in a matter of a few months.

구체적으로 특별히, a PancakeSwap available DeFi model is estimated to return 300% APR.

Or check out a list of available annual rewards for cryptocurrency staking, with items like Dai at 3.74%, Aave at 5.23%, and Sushi at 9.61%. For reference, the same platform rates PancakeSwap pledging at a staggering 73.97%.

Online Gaming and Cryptocurrency

하나, there might be even more opportunities on the horizon, and it pays to think about all of your choices with the cryptocurrencies and tokens that you buy and hold.

One choice is to try to swing trade your cryptocurrencies and use 동전

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‘ href =”” 데이터 wpel-link =”내부의”>coin volatility to your advantage. 하나, most investors would agree that the risk here is pretty high.

Here’s another attractive model that many investors are moving toward, especially if they are big poker or gaming fans.

Online cryptocurrency casinos are springing up all over the place. But they’re not just fancy playlands. Players can also accrue value in some very specific ways.

예를 들면, many of these Bitcoin or crypto casinos have something called a variable pay program or VPP, where bonuses accrue to players as they play.

예를 들면, one such program at Virtue Poker offers a return of .15 ETH to those chipping in between .2 ETH 및 .5 ETH. For the lower end, that’s almost a doubling of your funds. And Ethereum as a token does have a concrete value. So when you cash out in a cryptocurrency casino, you can actually turn your winnings into cash. Alternately, you can roll them back into a stake that is due to generate interest for you over time.

Other casino bonuses and incentives are more abstract than actual cash value giveaways. 예를 들면, there is the freeroll ticket that allows players to gamble with virtual funds to accrue real value. As long as you don’t lose your shirt, you’re likely to turn freeroll tickets into actual winnings.

There’s also something called rakeback, where players earn as they play and wager with their virtual currency.

All of this is an introduction to a new digital world where different types of crypto and digital assets can work for small investors who like to engage with these types of platforms. Explore the landscape of the DeFi gaming world to see where the best incentives are, and how to get started.

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