$47k로 떨어졌음에도 불구하고, Coinbase, 31k Bitcoin 유출 관찰. 황소 랠리 아직 진행 중?

On-chain data shows despite the Bitcoin drop to $47k, Coinbase saw outflows of around 31k BTC, a sign that the market could still be bullish.

Outflows Of 31k BTC On Crypto Exchange Coinbase

CryptoQuant 게시물에서 지적한 바와 같이, the popular crypto exchange Coinbase has observed huge Bitcoin outflows today.

As is apparent from the name, the “outflows” indicator shows the amount of BTC transferred from an exchange to personal wallets.

A huge spike in the metric’s value means big investors are moving their Bitcoin out of exchanges either to hodl or for selling through OTC deals.

따라서, outflows are generally good signs for the cryptocurrency’s price as they may imply that there is a buying pressure in the market.

지금, here is the chart for Coinbase Pro Bitcoin outflows over the past few months:

Bitcoin Outflows

Coinbase Pro outflows show a huge spike | 원천: CryptoQuant

As the above graph displays, the indicator has shot up for Coinbase Pro. The outflow value was about 31,107 BTC, which is worth over $1.5 billion at the current price exchange.

The exchange is mainly used by US institutional investors so that such a large spike could be bullish for the cryptocurrency.

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Big outflows are generally associated with an increase in the price shortly after. A look at the Coinbase Pro outflow history supports the trend; 3 월부터 2020 앞으로, similar values of the indicator became frequent as the bull run marched on.

Bitcoin 가격

글을 쓰는 시점, BTC’s price floats around $48.5k, 하위 0.16% 마지막으로 24 시간. 그러나, over the last week the cryptocurrency is still green as its value is about 6.8% 쪽으로.

과거에 30 일, Bitcoin has accumulated 26.4% 이득으로. The below chart showcases the trends in the price of the coin over the last three months:

비트코인 가격 차트

BTC's price sharply falls down after touching the $50k price level | 원천: TradingView의 BTCUSD

After weeks of climbing upwards, BTC was finally able to break $50k a couple of days ago for the first time since May. 하나, the coin couldn’t sustain at the level and was rejected downwards.

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The downtrend has been sharp, and earlier today the price fell down to as low as $47k. 하나, since then it has recovered somewhat to above the $48k level.

It’s unclear which direction Bitcoin will go in next, but if the Coinbase Pro outflows are anything to go by, signs seem to be still bullish for the market. 그러나, at the moment BTC’s on-chain activity is still very low. If the coin tests $50k again without the network activity going up, a bearish signal could flare up instead.

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