ICO 자금 둔화에도 불구하고, Alttradex 자신감을 가지 데리러

The second half of October has seen ICO funding slow down dramatically as several seemingly promising ICOs struggle to gain any traction despite a strong following and community. Alttradex, a new player looking to take on the cryptocurrency exchange space, is one of them.

The innovative platform who’s features are more akin to the traditional FX trading platforms has a heavy focus on transparency and customer support. Composed mainly of investment managers, technology consultants and developers, aims to change the game in terms of customer service and has a long term vision of becoming a household name in the next 5 years as cryptocurrency goes mainstream. With the ability to process 1M+ transactions per second and the ability provide liquidity from a number of other platforms when in-house liquidity is low, the Alttradex platform will enable traders to trade their coins 24/7, from anywhere in the world, without seeing big drops in liquidity in the coins they want to trade.

The cryptocurrency space has evolved at a tremendous pace in 2017 and it is set to keep on growing even faster in 2018. The team at Alttradex is well aware of this and recognises the need for non-stop development and improvement. Security is key, so Alttradex is investing heavily in that side of the platform and this will be an ongoing investment for Alttradex.

The Alttradex ICO kicked off on 25 October and will run through to 5 12 월, meaning there is still a long time for funding to pick up. Early ICO participants will benefit from a 20% bonus until the first $1M dollars of ATXT tokens are sold. The Alttradex ICO is structured as a revenue sharing model and contributors will receive Alttradex tokens in return for their Ethereum contributions. The token is based on the ERC20 protocol.

With exchanges at the forefront of the growth in the cryptocurrency world dropping left right and centre, it is essential that new professional platforms emerge in order for the cryptocurrency market to grow exponentially.

There is a real chance for competent platforms to become household names over the next 5 에 10 연령, Alttradex aims to be one of them.

You can find out more on the Alttradex website: HTTP://alttradex.com

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