EOS, 카르 다노, 트론, 스텔라 루멘, IOTA 가격 분석: 진행 중 Altcoin 저평가 수정, 더 많은 이익을 기대

After 8-months of consistent lower lows, altcoins are finally recovering as sellers lose steam. 분명히, not only are traders unwinding their tight sells resulting to clear recoveries in Tron, EOS and Stellar, but we might see a reversal in ADA. 카르 다노 (ADA) is trading below it’s all time lows and bear target at 7 cents and even with solid volumes on Sep 12, bulls didn’t follow through yesterday.

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EOS 가격 분석


  • HitBTC, a crypto to crypto exchange has made EOS, a base currency in a sphere that is dominated by BTC as settlement. This is definitely timely for EOS and coincides with a time when prices are turning for the benefit of coin holders. Undoubtedly, this announcement will go a long way in lifting the overall liquidity of EOS and that of the exchange boosting price as a result.

가격 분석

EOS 기술적 분석

거래보기로 EOS 데일리 차트

에이 10 percent gain in the last day means EOS prices did break above the last day consolidation. Therefore in line with our last EOS forecasts, conservatives should stay on the sidelines only until after buyers gain enough momentum to drive prices above Sep 5 shadows and $7 on the upside.

그 동안 생각, risk off traders can begin initiating small volume EOS buys with stops at $4.5 먼저 목표에 $7. This is so because of yesterday’s high volume bullish engulfing candlestick.

트론 (TRX) 가격 분석


  • TRX is now available at Cobinhood and will be listed from Sep 17 at Bittrex according a tweet from the US based exchange.
  • Satowallet Exchange now supports TRX and with it, users transacting using TRX will not be charged any fees while at the same time enjoying free crypto to crypto exchange within the same wallet.

가격 분석

트론 (TRX) 기술적 분석

거래보기로 트론 데일리 차트

With a double bar bull reversal pattern printing yesterday, we now have a clear double-bottoms at TRX daily chart. 이것 때문에, we suggest exiting Sep 5 shorts and instead initiate low volume longs with immediate targets at 2.7 센트 3 cents in the short term as we sync with our previous price forecast.

하나, the only advice for now is for traders to avoid rush buys and instead risk averse traders should wait until after buyers breach and close above 3 cents and Sep 5 최고. 그 전에, reasonable stops for short term longs remain at Aug 14 에 최저 1.6 센트.

스텔라 루멘 (XLM) 가격 분석

스텔라 루멘 (XLM) 기술적 분석

스텔라 루멘 거래보기로 데일리 차트

The thing is, it is not yet ripe for traders to conclude that bulls are in charge. After all, sellers have been continuously pushing for lower prices in the last eight months and it will take a lot of effort for buyers to reverse that within days.

차트에서, not only are sellers still trading below 25 cents but the upper limit of the consolidation after Sep 5 continues to cap gains.

그래서, in line with our previous XLM projections, we suggest taking neutral stand until after bulls close above 25 센트.

카르 다노 (ADA) 가격 분석

카르 다노 (ADA) 기술적 분석

거래보기로 카르 다노 데일리 차트

한 가지는 분명하다: a long as ADA prices are still trending below 7 센트, the coin’s ATLs, then our sells are valid. This is regardless of the general recovery in the altcoins market which has seen several coins print double figures. From our last ADA mentions, stops should be maintained at 8 cents with no definite targets. Exits depends on whether our stop is hit today or when clear reversal patterns print in latter dates.

이오타 (IOT) 가격 분석


  • IOTA Foundation has released Qubic’s road map.
  • ElaadNL will soon facilitate the implementation of the first IoT based, IOTA accepting charging points for EVs.

기술적 분석

이오타 (IOT) 기술적 분석

거래보기로 IOTA 데일리 차트

The markets might be on a recovery path but IOTA’s are stable to say the least. Notice that despite yesterday’s gains, prices are yet to break above or below the upper and lower limits at 55 센트 50 센트.

And even when they do, technically sellers would be in charge until after we see strong gains above 80 cents or Sep 5 최고.

하나, considering the general market recovery, any breach above 55 cents shall trigger moderate size IOTA buys with 90 cents as first targets.

부인 성명: 표현 된 견해와 의견은 작성자의 견해이며 투자 조언하지 않습니다. 어떤 형태의 거래는 위험을 포함하고 있으므로 거래 결정을하기 전에 실사를 할.

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