Hodling을 가치있게 만드는 방법, 설명

Working with a licensed crypto company offers clients legal rights and helps ensure that they don’t run into regulatory trouble.

Financial regulators and international banking bodies around the world are cracking down harder and harder on crypto companies that do not follow regulations, and it’s not just securities law violations they’re looking for anymore. 특히, any firm dealing with crypto could face serious consequences if it doesn’t have Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering standards in place.

One of the best ways to ensure that your cryptocurrency is in the hands of a company that won’t run into legal trouble is to choose one that is licensed by an internationally respected financial regulator. 게다가, entrusting your crypto to a regulated entity can afford you some protections in the event that something goes wrong.

Holdnaut has been certified by the Singapore Fintech Association, an accreditation that in turn has been recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Executives at the business are now seeking to become the first licensed and regulated entity within the crypto borrowing and lending space in Singapore.

The company has now been in operation for two years, and it has entered into a number of partnerships to enhance its offering further. A new collaboration with Jumio, which provides AI-powered, end-to-end identity verification and KYC solutions, ensures that Hodlnaut customers can quickly and easily get onboarded on the platform.

Hodling takes patience, nerves of steel, and discipline. Saving it safely can create a powerful incentive for staying on the rollercoaster.

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