KPN은 그들의 데이터 센터에 합의 노드를 호스팅에 의해 NEO에 대한 지원을 보여줍니다

No one can deny cryptocurrency is about much more than just Bitcoin. That is a positive development, as Bitcoin is not perfect. Nor does it have all of the answers to our problems either. It is a good currency at times, but right now, it’s not in the best of shapes. 결과, mainstream companies are slowly showing an interest in other currencies. KPN, 예를 들면, has decided to host a dedicated NEO consensus node in their data center. An interesting decision by the Dutch telco.

There is an interesting future ahead for all currencies that are not Bitcoin. Especially those which offer something entirely different from established currencies. NEO is similar to Ethereum in some ways, yet completely different in other aspects. 지금까지, this altcoin has seen great success throughout 2017. It seems that powerful trend will continue into early 2018. Especially when they have some big announcements to make in the coming months.

KPN Sees Merit in NEO and the Smart Economy

One of those announcements has to do with KPN. Most people know this company because it’s one of the largest Dutch telecommunications companies to date. 놀랍게도, KPN decided to hop on the NEO bandwagon. 더 구체적으로, the company will host an NEO consensus node within their data center. That in itself is a rather surprising development. 그런 다음 다시, the giant has shown an interest in NEO and the smart economy before. It seems they are only now putting their plans into action, which can have some interesting consequences.

One could argue this news has no major impact. 동시에, the telco giant purposefully chose this altcoin over all other cryptocurrencies on the market. They are seemingly not interested in Bitcoin, 에테 리움, Litecoin or XR. 대신, they want to support NEO and become a part of the smart economy. It is an interesting development which will have major consequences. What those consequences might be, is anybody’s guess right now. It is a massive notch in the belt for NEO, 그래도.

지금은, it doesn’t seem as if this should aspect the NEO price all that much. Having KPN on board is significant, but ultimately just a first step. We do know the project wants to further decentralize their consensus node mechanism. This may very well be a big step toward achieving that goal in the future. 동시에, we might see other technology companies show a big interest in other cryptocurrency nodes or similar systems. Only time will tell what the future holds. 지금은, things are looking good for NEO, but this is not an earth-shattering development either.

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