Lucyd - 우리의 임무는 재미, 모두를위한 편안하고 실용적인 스마트 안경

At Lucyd, our mission is fun, comfy and practical smartglasses for everyone. 우리는이 13 exclusive AR patents and a global team of AR experts to make it happen. 무엇보다도, we’re leading the ICO space in compliance with financial regulations and transparency in all of our operations. Lucyd has the potential to be the next big thing in AR, and our team is determined to deliver the first user-friendly smartglasses, and a blockchain to power the content development.

Lucyd is very different from existing AR solutions because our tech is truly next-generation. Lucyd’s 13 AR patents were developed over a decade of well-funded research at the College of Optics and Photonics at UCF. Lucyd patents enable thin microdisplays for a richly textured, dynamically layered HD AR experience, unlike existing smartglasses that use a clunky external display and have grainy AR objects. This tech also enables Lucyd Lens to be the first smartglass that can be fitted with prescription lenses, and looks like a normal pair of glasses. Lucyd also has an advanced patent for real-world object detection, allowing its AR interface to smoothly intermingle digital content with the real world. Other notable Lucyd firsts are a dynamically adapting user interface that automatically adjusts to the task at hand, built in bone-conduction speakers, light leakage prevention and a 120° enhanced field of view over 3X larger than existing AR displays. All of it adds up to the first practical smartglasses that will work for everyone. To stay light and unencumbering, Lucyd Lens will initially use your smartphone for processing power and data signal. But in the long term, our goal is a product that will replace your phone entirely.

From the ground up, Lucyd Lens is built on the LCD token. LCD will fund current hardware development, organically reward user and developer engagement, and power in-Lens transactions. To reserve one of the first ever pairs of Lucyd Lens, just be one of the first 500 presale contributors over 2.35 ETH/$750 US (4 ETH/$1200 US in regular sale) at Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when we run out of preorder pairs. 일반적으로, all Lucyd products will be purchasable with fiat and LCD. But to be the first to wear the glasses of the future, at a serious discount no less, you need to join the LCD crowdfund!

As the foundation of the Lucyd world, the LCD token & blockchain will have several critical uses. It will enable instant peer-to-peer transactions with other Lens wearers and in-Lens points of sale, and free your Lens experience from tethers to archaic financial institutions. For more on LCD, read our FAQ. We can’t build the Lens without your support, so please get as much LCD as you can!

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