Polkadot 선물 시장, 미결제 약 5 억 7300 만 달러에 라이트 코인 플립 펜

폴카 닷 (점) has been raising eyebrows for the past couple of months as the interoperability-focused altcoins has gained 625% in the past three months.

The promise that interoperability between blockchains will be a viable solution to the high Ethereum gas fees plaguing the crypto market has made Polkadot’s development of parachains attractive and the number of projects choosing to build on DOT continues to grow alongside it’s popularity as a staking platform.

Polkadot parachains operate similarly to the Ethereum 2.0 sharding proposal, which creates independent blockchains built for a particular purpose. Many projects building on Polkadot, like Moonbeam, Equilibrium, and Acala, develop their own parachains where the project’s tokens would act as a native currency used to pay for transactions.

DOT token price, 바이 낸스의 USDT. 출처: TradingView

According to data from Staking Rewards, 위에 63% of DOT coins in circulation are locked up in staking mechanisms. 그 동안에, the progress of Polkadot’s development seems ahead of its competitors. PolkaProject에 따르면, a site which tracks development activity, 현재 끝났다 370 플랫폼에 적극적으로 구축하는 프로젝트.

Polkadots aggressive pace of development and the looming expectation of the official parachain mainnet launch in 2021, DOT price has seen immense growth in its futures contracts.

DOT 선물 총 미결제 약정. 출처: Bybt.com

지난 2 개월 동안, DOT’s $73-million aggregate futures open interest grew by 690% ...에 $575 백만, becoming the fourth-largest derivatives market behind Bitcoin (BTC), 에테르 (ETH) 및 카르 다노 (있습니다).

놀랍게도, 라이트 코인 (LTC), which held third place since the dawn of futures contracts, lost its incumbent position. 게다가, data indicate that this was not purely a technical adjustment, as Polkadot’s on-chain and trading metrics vastly outperform Litecoin’s.

It is worth noting that DOT’s open interest faced a 23% cut between Feb. 21 과 27, as its price plunged 27% ...에 $28.

DOT trading volume and on-chain metrics strengthen

Regardless of the price movement, low trading activity reflects a lack of interest from traders and a reduced inflow from new entrants.

LTC, 있습니다, DOT 10-day average trading volume, USD. 출처: TradingView

Although starting from a much lower base three months ago, DOT’s trading volume soared in January, while Litecoin dropped by 50% after peaking at a $13 billion daily average. 그 동안에, DOT’s aggregate spot trading volume at exchanges has grown to $4.3 십억, ㅏ 660% 증가하다.

DOT daily active addresses. 출처: polkadot.subscan.io

Polkadot’s on-chain metrics also provide insight into its rising use, growing from 1,600 daily active addresses to 6,000. 그만큼 275% growth for a network whose mainnet launch was less than eight months ago seems impressive.

It might take some time for Polkadot’s on-chain metrics to get closer to Litcoin’s and Cardano’s hundreds of thousands of active addresses but this is not problematic considering how nascent its technology is.

VORTECS™ 점수, Cointelegraph 전용, 시장 감정을 포함한 데이터 포인트 조합에서 파생 된 과거 및 현재 시장 조건의 알고리즘 비교입니다., 거래량, 최근 가격 변동 및 트위터 활동.

VORTECS™ 점수 (초록) vs. DOT 가격. 출처: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

In addition to surging open interest at major derivatives exchanges, VORTECS™ score has risen to 80 2 월. 26 및 2 월. 27. Over the following five days, DOT price managed to rally by another 13%.

Polkadot’s “flippening” of Litecoin’s futures open interest signals that investors are far more interested in its scaling and interoperability potential, as opposed to Litecoin’s narrow-focused search for privacy through the integration of the MimbleWimble protocol.

As for the relatively small number of DOT’s active addresses, this should be monitored going forward, but as of now it shouldn’t hold back the token’s price appreciation.

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