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CryptoFind Payment App by Graft

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CryptoFind App by GRAFT Blockchain discovers nearby venues that accept cryptocurrencies as payment. 원래, it’s a self-spreading network, linking crypto-savvy buyers and merchants.

For the very first time, all businesses that accept crypto will be listed and curated on one global map. While CryptoFind is made by GRAFT Blockchain, it’s not exclusive to GRAFT-enabled locations. It maps venues that accept any cryptocurrency via different methods (Mobile PoS, Wallet to Wallet, Partner Credit Card Terminals).

CryptoFind is mutually beneficial for users and merchants. Users earn rewards by persuading businesses to accept cryptocurrencies and enlist in the app, while merchants expand their client base by serving crypto-savvy buyers. 그 위에, both contribute toward cryptocurrency entering the mainstream.

Benefits for Users
Instant transaction. Pay with crypto on the go.
No fees to the buyers. Even for small purchases.
Crypto variety. Use your favorite cryptocurrency.

Benefits for Merchants
Service new loyal clients. Crypto-savvy buyers prefer crypto-friendly venues.
Accept major cryptocurrencies. Deal with proven crypto.
Additional PR. Your location is added to the app’s map.

GRAFT Blockchain team comments: “The launch of the CryptoFind App is a decisive step towards taking cryptocurrencies mainstream. Merchant support is the final frontier in cryptocurrency adoption and a key to providing liquidity and stability to the market”

CryptoFind is currently available on the App Store with Android version scheduled to be released within a week.


GRAFT Blockchain is a first global, open sourced, payment blockchain designed for the Point-of-Sale. GRAFT blockchain is live, running MainNet starting September 15, 2018, offering opportunity to miners. GRAFT coin (GRFT) will be available on exchanges in February / March time frame, and is currently in the final stages of a successful ICO.

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