TA: Bitcoin, $ 53K 돌파, BTC가 곧 $ 50,000를 재 방문 할 수있는 이유

Bitcoin price attempted a recovery above $56,000 미국 달러에 대하여, but it struggled above $57,000. BTC trimmed gains and it even broke the $53,200 지원 구역.

  • Bitcoin extended its decline below $53,200 과 $53,000 지원 수준.
  • The price is now trading well below $54,000 그리고 100 시간당 단순 이동 평균.
  • There was a break below a key bullish trend line with support near $54,220 BTC / USD 쌍의 시간별 차트 (Kraken의 데이터 피드).
  • The pair is likely to continue lower towards the $51,000 과 $50,000 levels in the near term.

Bitcoin Price Extends Losses

어제, bitcoin started a decent recovery above the $55,500 과 $56,000 레벨. BTC even spiked above the $57,000 resistance and the 100 시간당 단순 이동 평균.

하나, the price struggled to continue higher and it started a fresh decline from the $57,235 높은. It broke a few important supports near the $56,000 과 $55,500 레벨. There was also a break below a key bullish trend line with support near $54,220 BTC / USD 쌍의 시간별 차트.

The price even declined below the $54,000 지원 수준 및 $53,200 pivot level. It traded to a new weekly low at $51,634 and it is now consolidating losses. An initial resistance is near the $53,000 수평. 그것은에 가깝습니다 23.6% 최근 감소의 Fib 되돌림 수준 $57,235 높은 $51,634 낮은.

Bitcoin 가격

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첫 번째 주요 저항은 $53,200 pivot level. If there is a fresh increase above $53,200, the price could recover towards the $54,500 수평. 그만큼 50% 최근 감소의 Fib 되돌림 수준 $57,235 높은 $51,634 low is also close to $54,500.

BTC의 더 많은 손실?

If bitcoin fails to correct higher above $53,200 과 $54,500, there are chances of more downsides in the near term. 초기 지원은 $51,500 수평.

The first key support is now near the $51,000 수평, below which the price is likely to test the $50,000 지원 구역. Any more losses might call for a move towards the $48,000 수평.

기술 지표:

Hourly MACD – The MACD is now gaining momentum in the bearish zone.

시간당 RSI (상대 강도 지수) – BTC / USD의 RSI는 이제 40 수평.

주요 지원 수준 – $51,000, 뒤에 $50,000.

주요 저항 수준 – $53,200, $54,500 과 $55,000.

광고를 차단하자! (왜?)

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