Giving Block은 'Crypto Giving Pledge’ 암호 화폐 기부 노력을 강화하기 위해

The Giving Block, a leading cryptocurrency donations platform, has launched a new initiative with the stated goal of making crypto the most charitable industry in the world.

The “Crypto Giving Pledge” encourages digital asset investors to pledge at least 1% of their holdings to charities each year and for cryptocurrency companies to contribute 1% 유사한 원인에 대한 수익의. 사용자는 자신의 기여를 공개하지 않고도 익명으로 이니셔티브에 참여할 수 있습니다..

암호 화폐의 모든 ​​사람들이 기부한다면 1% 자선 단체에 보유하고있는, 그들은 집단적으로 올릴 수 있습니다 $20 십억, based on the current market capitalization of digital assets.

Alex Wilson, co-founder of The Giving Block, said the new initiative “will transform the way the world views cryptocurrency and create the largest influx of charitable giving that the world has ever seen.”

Pat Duffy, the organization’s other co-founder, said the initiative will do three things that “everyone in crypto wants to see happen”:

“One, it will generate a ton of money for amazing causes in critical need of this support. Two, for pledgers in the US in particular, the donations made through this pledge will erase millions of dollars in crypto tax burdens for donors. And third, it will put to bed this idea that crypto is bad, which we believe is the primary barrier slowing the mainstream adoption of crypto.”

“Crypto Giving Pledge” is launching in collaboration with Founder’s Circle, an industry group that will promote the initiative. The Giving Block has already sent open invitations to prominent industry voices like Michael Saylor, 엘론 머스크, 브레인 암스트롱, Joseph Lubin, Barry Silbert and others. Although their participation has not been confirmed, other industry leaders have already signed up, and their commitments will soon be reported by Cointelegraph. As a media partner, Cointelegraph will announce the Founder’s Circle members as the campaign proceeds and provide other updates on the initiative as they unfold.


The Giving Block has made significant headway in promoting crypto-based donations. 1 월, the organization joined forces with the American Cancer Society to establish a new Cancer Crypto Fund with the stated goal of raising at least $1 백만.

The Giving Block also partnered with Cointelegraph to host the first “Crypto’s Biggest Brain” charity trivia contest in December 2020.

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