VeChain 언급 2021 포브스 블록 체인 50, 포물선 형 이동?

쪽으로 150.3% 과거에 14 일, VeChain (수의사) trades at $0,23 와 15.6% 과 84.4% profits in the daily and weekly chart, 각기. In addition to the rally, the company celebrated a major milestone that could give a new impulse to its corporate adoption.

VET with strong gains in the daily chart. 출처: VETUSDT 트레이딩 뷰

Via its Twitter handle, the VeChain Foundation announced VeChain was mentioned in 2021 포브스 블록 체인 50. Celebrated for its third year, this event was created to offer a “definitive accounting” of those companies using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Forbes declares that Bitcoin and blockchain have gone mainstream in 2020. With a growing interest and use in many sectors, this technology has a real impact in the corporate world. Forbes said:

Bitcoin and blockchain have gone mainstream. 비트 코인 2020 surge grabbed the attention of C-suite executives worldwide; not only are companies employing the technology underlying Bitcoin to perform tasks such as reconciling invoices and verifying product provenance, but dozens are now holding Bitcoin as a treasury asset.

The list includes software company MicroStrategy, led by Michael Saylor; 개미 그룹, founded by the former executive chairman of Alibaba Group; 바이 낸스, 코인베이스, PayPal, Samsung, 광장, 다른 사람. The VeChain Foundation said:

Blockchain is transforming the supply chain & traceability industries, eliminating inefficiencies. 감사합니다, Archana Sristy, for mentioning #VeChain in the 2021 포브스 블록 체인 50! We’re proud to power Walmart China’s Food Traceability Platform.

VeChain의 (수의사) recent price action manipulated?

Trader Justin Bennet has been bullish on VeChain’s native token VET. 하나, he believes the 24-hour rally could have been caused by a “large Discord group”. Bennet classified the token’s rally as inorganic and said there was manipulation in yesterday’s price action. 그는 덧붙였다:

Stating that there was a coordinated VET pump on Friday takes nothing away from the fundamentals behind VeChain. Does VET deserve to be where it is? Hell yes. I’ve said multiple times I think it’s going to $1 ...에 $3 올해.

The Discord group Bennet referred has approximately 200,000 members and their alleged move converge with a high trading volume for VET in South Korea’s exchanges.

반면에, trader VeChain Justin said VET is poised for a “parabolic move”. According to the chart he shared, VET has formed a “massive bullish Cup & Handle Pattern”. In addition to an increase in trading volume, this could send VET to a 377% 랠리. 그는 덧붙였다:

This aligns closely with 4.618 Fib extension. Expect consolidation in handle before liftoff. $VET target: $0.5008.

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